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What investigations are needed pr...,
What is problem of axillary lymph...,
What do if uss of axillary lymph ...
342  cards
What airway device use if history...,
What airway device best used in s...,
Which airway device ci in skull f...
16  cards
Arteries in the leg,
What is area covered by l3 dermatome,
What is area covered by l4 dermatome
65  cards
How does neurogenic shock work,
Examination findings of neurogeni...,
What causes a low bp in trauma pa...
39  cards
What would defect be if there is ...,
What is anatomy of visual nerve p...,
What do you get if lesion in the ...
160  cards
What is chronic rhinosinusitis,
Presentation of chronic rhinosinu...,
Management of chronic rhinosinusitis
187  cards
What lesion feels larger than it ...,
Skin lesion in elderly with greas...,
What is balanitis xerotica oblite...
204  cards
Palliative and Onc
3 types of pain,
Pain relief for solid tumour,
Management of neuropathic pain in...
76  cards
What type of transfusion is trali...,
What is normal central venous pre...,
What is platelet target for invas...
177  cards
Infectious diseases
Cyst in woman from the middle east,
What causes gastroenteritis post ...,
When is neuroimaging indicated in...
216  cards
Target of bevacizumab,
Where should adrenaline be given ...,
What are different types of venom...
14  cards
What is main problem of hyponatra...,
How treat symptomatic hyponatraemia,
What is cutoff sodium level to ha...
69  cards
What do if presenting with bp ove...,
What presents with headache myalg...,
How do thiazides work
7  cards
Initial management of all acs pat...,
What is stemi criteria,
Which leads are st elevation in m...
291  cards
Cardio 2
Management of aortic stenosis,
What are different types of valve...,
What is soft absent s2 seen in
107  cards
What is gold standard for asthma,
What causes pleural plaques,
What do if patient has pleural pl...
261  cards
Presentation of boerhaves,
What is use of amylase in pancrea...,
Investigations for chronic pancre...
349  cards
Phases to atn,
Causes of atn,
What does haematuria at the end o...
120  cards
What is most common cause of hypo...,
What do if multiple painkillers h...,
What is management first line of ...
278  cards
If cant get iv access in resus wh...,
If patient becomes unresponsive a...,
What are 4 cardiac arrest rhythms
20  cards
What need to take alongside metho...,
What drugs avoid if on methotrexate,
Treatment of methotrxate toxicity
230  cards
What is used to assess fracture risk,
What is squaring of thumbs seen in,
What dermatome for l
212  cards
What do if ct negative for sah,
What is done if sah confirmed,
Management of aneurysmal sah
358  cards
Past papers
If person on lithium develops pol...,
What can do to prevent contrast n...,
What causes episodes where feel h...
497  cards
What electrolye imbalance often p...,
Presentation of quinine toxicity,
Ecg finding in
165  cards
What have to be with patients who...,
What do if someone who works in c...,
Fitness to fly after surgeries
25  cards
3rd year cards nuggets
Pink cheeks suggests what valvula...,
Anti emetic for mi,
Most common form of pericarditis
36  cards
Imperial past papers
Runner with irregular periods whe...,
Features of cf,
Cxr showing multiple air filled s...
201  cards
Cohort study,
Cross sectional study,
Case control study
38  cards

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