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gcse geography case studies

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Where is pinatubo located,
What island is pinatubo located on,
When was pinatubo s last eruption
28  cards
Where is kilauea located,
What does kilauea rank internatio...,
Since when has kilauea been erupting
21  cards
Typhoon Haiyan
What category of storm was haiyan,
What is the philippines population,
When did typhoon haiyan occur
22  cards
The Amazon Rainforest
How much of the amazon is in brazil,
What is brazils world ranking for...,
What other countries is the amazo...
37  cards
Alaska s size,
What country does alaska border t...,
What ocean does alaska border to ...
53  cards
The Dorset Coast
What type of bands does the dorse...,
What creates headlands bays arche...,
Example of an arch formation
11  cards
When did the sea last breach the ...,
What was the cost of damages in m...,
What did the medmerry coastal rea...
21  cards
The River Tees
Where is the river tees located,
How long is the river tees from s...,
Where is its source
10  cards
What are nigeria s bordering coun...,
What part of africa is nigeria lo...,
Why is nigeria s geo location adv...
94  cards
Where is lagos located in nigeria,
What is lagos population predicte...,
How many people loved in lagos in...
67  cards
The London Olympic Site
Where is the olympic park located,
What is the life expectancy in th...,
How many people per 1000 were in ...
31  cards
Paper 1 Misconceptions
When asked to describe the tracki...,
In what direction do meanders mig...,
Why do meanders migrate
4  cards
Paper 2 Misconceptions
What are the three types of susta...
1  cards
What is the population of london,
Where is london located,
How has greater london s populati...
99  cards
Cultural historic attraction of t...,
How many jobs were created in the...,
What benefited local businesses
8  cards
Tor Quarry
Where is tor quarry,
What is tor quarry,
How many jobs does tor quarry pro...
10  cards
Chambamontera: Micro HEP
What is chambamontera,
Why did chambamontera need a sust...,
What salary do half the pop live ...
9  cards
Example of area of population growth
Example of area of population growth,
Change in pop,
Reason for change in pop
5  cards
example of an area of population decline
How has pop changed,
Why are young ppl moving away
5  cards
Physical fieldwork
Enquiry question,
38  cards
Human fieldwork
Enquiry question,
Example of inner city area
15  cards

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gcse geography case studies

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