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Introduction to Pharmacology
Is the science which deals with t...,
The art and science of preparing ...,
The study of the source of drugs
76  cards
History of the Development of Veterinary Drugs
The earliest written compilation ...,
Veterinary and human medicine wer...,
The oldest record of egyptian dru...
26  cards
Drug Presentation and Prescribing
Is a written order to a pharmacis...,
Issued to client for purchase of ...,
Type of prescription
10  cards
Dosage forms of drugs
Any preparation with one more sub...,
Example of solutions,
Alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solut...
31  cards
Latin phrases and abbreviations
At pleasureas much as wanted,
Of each
32  cards
Definition of Terms
Any chemical substance which modi...,
The pharmacopoeia of the united s...,
12  cards
Methods of Drug Administration
Most common route of drug adminis...,
Drug can be introduced directly u...,
Dangerous methods drugs administr...
17  cards
Drugs Disposition and Fate of Drugs
Drugs must have some ability to d...,
In almost all cases drugs must al...,
Is a preference not an absolute
40  cards
Dosage Calculation
Is a system of weights and measur...,
It is widely used and preferred i...,
The basic units in the metric sys...
16  cards
Granded Dose and Quantal Dose Response
Physicochemical properties of the...,
Blood flow through the _________,
If the entire administered drug d...
15  cards
Clinical Dose Response
Can be constructed for responses ...,
Relate the intensity of response ...,
Can be constructed for drugs and ...
39  cards
Autonomic Pharmacology
Drug affecting the ____________ e...,
Parasympathetic is equal to,
Sympathetic is equal to
82  cards
Republic Act of 1988 - Generics Act of 1988
This act shall be known as the ge...,
It is hereby declared the policy ...,
The following terms are herein de...
17  cards
Neuromuscular Drugs and muscle relaxants
Are those drugs that induce tempo...,
Central acting muscle relaxants,
Formerly known as glyceryl gulaco...
13  cards
Anesthetic and Anesthesia
Are substances which when applied...,
The first local anesthetic discov...,
Is a state characterized by rever...
25  cards

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