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Principles of Drug Action
Some consequences of poor drug th...,
What are the main objectives of d...,
What is pharmacodynamics
20  cards
What is the central dogma of rece...,
What is the lock and key mechanism,
What are the two basic types of r...
13  cards
Drug Disposition I
Processes by which drugs cross bi...,
The most common and important mec...,
Rate of passive lipid diffusion d...
50  cards
Drug Disposition II
Why is drug metabolism important,
A member of the cytochrome p450 c...,
Key information needed to predict...
22  cards
Drug Disposition III
Important pharmacokinetic parameters,
During time course of drug action...,
Drug action models are especially...
47  cards
Drug polymorphism where there are...,
What polymorphism is usually due ...,
Ways to detect pharmacogenetic tr...
13  cards
Cardiac muscle mainly has what ty...,
Vascular smooth muscle has mainly...,
Activates both alpha and beta rec...
20  cards
What drug is a non selective beta...,
Commonly used in treatment of hyp...,
What drug is contraindicated by a...
16  cards
Opioid Analgesics
What drug class is most effective...,
What are the opioid receptors,
What are the drug classes that ca...
12  cards
Central Nervous Depressants
What benzodiazepine is this long ...,
What is a short acting benzo good...,
What are short acting hypnotics h...
16  cards
Antipsychotics / Antidepressants
What class of drugs block dopamin...,
What drugs describe typical expyr...,
What drugs also block alpha1 and ...
24  cards
Epilepsy / Local Anesthetics
What drugs decrease cortical acti...,
What epilepsy drug blocks na p450...,
What epilepsy drug partial comple...
27  cards
Adrenal and Thyroid Diseases
What steroids are glucocorticoids,
What drugs are mineralocorticoids,
What are the adrenal cortical ste...
14  cards
What are estrogen only drugs 3,
How does estrogen birth control p...,
What are the side effects of estr...
27  cards
Renal / Diabetic Drugs
What drug indicated for bicarb el...,
What drug inhibits carbonic anhyd...,
What drug has these side effects ...
18  cards
PCNs and Cephalosporins
What was the first natural antibi...,
The cell envelope of this type of...,
The cell envelope of this type of...
50  cards
Broad Spectrum Antibiotics
What are inhibitors of bacterial ...,
What antibiotics,
What antibiotics block translocat...
45  cards
Sufonamides, Trimethoprim, Quinolones
What are anti folate drugs 2,
What inhibits the synthesis of di...,
What inhibits the synthesis of
22  cards
Aminogycosides & Anti-TB Drugs
What drugs are rapidly bacteriocidal,
What is an aminoglycoside we shou...,
What antibiotic
18  cards
Immunosuppressant Drugs
What are the 4 main classes of im...,
What are the 2 common pathways in...,
What is the key signaling pathway...
22  cards
Antiviral & Antifungal Drugs
What are the targets of viruses 3,
What are the general approaches t...,
Viral drugs work by acting on dif...
43  cards
Anticancer Drugs
What are the hallmarks of cancer 6,
Cancer therapy requires a multidi...,
What are 2 chemotheraphy approaches
35  cards
Drugs & Teratogenesis
What is the most critical,
What is this known as development...,
Teratogens show considerable diff...
20  cards
The control of metabolism is dire...,
Name 6 hormones that influence me...,
Name 3 stored forms of energy
32  cards

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