geography paper 1

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Typhoon Haiyan, November 2013 #
How many people were killed by ty...,
How many fishing boats did typhoo...,
What are the primary effects of t...
10  cards
The Beast from the East, 2018 #
What were the primary effects of ...,
What are the secondary effects of...,
What was the management responses...
6  cards
Weather Hazards and Climate Change
What is an immediate response,
What is a long term response,
What is protection
19  cards
Ecosystems and Tropical Rainforests
0  cards
Epping Forest #
Where is epping forest,
What are the key features of eppi...,
How do humans impact the ecosyste...
7  cards
Amazon Rainforest
1  cards
Hot deserts
0  cards
Western Desert, USA
What 3 smaller deserts is the wes...,
What states does the western dese...,
What is tourism like in the weste...
13  cards
Senegal, Sahel region of Africa
0  cards
1  cards
River Tees #
Where is the river tees,
How long is river tees,
What is the source of the river tees
7  cards
Jubilee River flood-relief channel
How many homes does the,
Which river does the jubilee rive...,
3  cards
What is abrasion,
What is an arete,
What is bulldozing
33  cards
The Lake District
What of the homes in the lake dis...,
How many people visit the lake di...,
How long is lake windemere
7  cards
Tectonic Hazards
0  cards
L'Aquila Earthquake, 2009 Italy (HIC)
How m,
How many people were injured in t...,
When was the l aquila earthquake
10  cards
Gorkha Earthquake, 2015 Nepal
0  cards

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geography paper 1

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