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Atoms, ions and compounds chp 2
What is the overall charge of an ...,
What does the atomic number repre...,
What differes between elements at...
19  cards
amount of substances chp 3
What is 1 mole equivalent to,
What is 602 x 10 23,
Definition of molar mass
31  cards
Acids and redox chp 4
Definition of an acid,
What is a strong acid,
What is a weak acid
24  cards
electrons and bonding chp 5
What are shells,
How many electrons are able to oc...,
What is the formula for calculati...
42  cards
shapes of molecules and intermolecular forces chp 6
What is electron pair repulsion t...,
What are the main ideas behind el...,
When drawing a molecule is 3d wha...
49  cards
periodicity chp 7
How many elements are on the peri...,
What is the atomic number,
What is the atomic mass
59  cards
reactivity trends chp 8
What is the test for a carbonate,
What is the test for sulfate,
What are the halide tests
44  cards
enthalpy chp 9
What is enthalpy,
What is meant by a chemical system,
Can enthalpy be measured
32  cards
Reactions rates and equilibrium chp 10
Whats the formula for the rate of...,
When is the rate of reaction fast...,
What 4 factors effect the rate of...
43  cards
basic concepts of organic chemistry chp 11
What are the first 10 alkanes,
What are aliphatic hydrocarbons,
What is an alicyclic hydrocarbon
20  cards
Alkanes chp 12
What are alkanes,
What are the characteristcs of bo...,
What is the shape of an alkane
18  cards
alkenes chp 13
What is the structure of an alkene,
What is the general fromula for a...,
How many electrons does carbon ha...
60  cards
alcohols chp 14
What gives alcohols there physcia...,
What are some difference between ...,
Descibe and explain what effect t...
25  cards
haloalkanes chp 15
What are haloalkanes,
How would you go about naming a h...,
Explain the reactivity of haloalk...
25  cards
organic synthesis chp 16
What pieces of apparatus are need...,
What is an alternative method of ...,
What can be used in a reaction in...
24  cards
spectroscopy chp 17
What is mass spectrometery used for,
What happens to an organic compou...,
What does the mass spectrometer d...
29  cards
rate of reaction chp 18
How are rates of reactions measured,
What are the units of concentration,
What is meant by square brackets ...
59  cards
equilibrium chp 19
What do the values of kc mean,
How do you find the units for kc,
What are the 2 main of equilibria
15  cards
acids, bases & PH chp 20
What is a bronsted lowry acid,
What is a bronsted lowry alkaline,
What is a conjugate acid base pair
28  cards
Buffers and neutralisers chp 21
What is a buffer solution,
What are the components of a buff...,
What happens to the buffer soluti...
22  cards
enthalpy and entropy chp 22
What is lattice enthalpy,
What type of reaction is lattice ...,
What is needed to determine latti...
42  cards
Redox and electrode potential chp 23
What is oxidation in terms of oxi...,
What is reduction in terms of oxi...,
What will always be present in a ...
36  cards
Transition elements chp 24
What similarities do the d block ...,
What are some common uses for tra...,
What is special about the electro...
51  cards
Aromatic compounds chp 25
What are some characteristics of ...,
What is benzene classified as,
What is the molecular formula of ...
58  cards
carbonyls and carboxylic acids chp 26
What is a carbonyl group,
What structural similarities do a...,
Where is the carbonyl group found...
73  cards
amines, amino acids and polymers chp 27
Define amines,
What s the difference between pri...,
How can you name primary amines w...
27  cards
Organic synthesis chp 28
What is a nitrile group,
How can nitriles be formed from h...,
Draw the reaction mechanism for t...
17  cards
chromatography and spectroscopy chp 29 NOT DONE GAS CHROMATOGRPAHY YET
Define stationary phase,
Define stationary phase,
What s the equation for the rf value
16  cards
How do you get from an alkane to ...,
2  cards

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