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Unit 1 - Key Area 1
A method of estimating population...,
An animal that obtains its energy...,
The chance of finding a species w...
36  cards
Unit 1 - Key Area 2
Competition between individuals b...,
A stable plant community which is...,
An animal that must meet its ener...
31  cards
Unit 1 - Key Area 3
A chemical such as a fertiliser h...,
A rapid growth of microscopic alg...,
25  cards
Unit 2 - Key Area 1 (Geosphere)
Give an example of how the earth ...,
Movement of heat from core to crust,
Term when two plates move towards...
24  cards
Unit 2 - Key Area 2 (Hydrosphere)
What is an aquifer,
Describe condensation,
What is the coriolis effect
18  cards
Unit 2 - Key Area 3 (Biosphere)
What is parent material,
Name the five inputs of soil,
Chemical weathering
19  cards
Unit 2 - Key Area 4 (Atmosphere)
The proportion of light that is r...,
What is climate change,
Biome found at 30 degrees latitude
21  cards
Unit 3 - Key Area 1 (Food)
Change in technology to increase ...,
Occurs when too many nutrients ni...,
The farming of aquatic animals an...
23  cards
Unit 3 - Key Area 2 (Water)
The breakdown of organic waste by...,
Is gas produced from the breakdow...,
Use of microorganisms to breakdow...
19  cards
Unit 3 - Key Area 3 (Energy)
A substance which speeds up a che...,
A type of energy production invol...,
The main process used for generat...
10  cards
Unit 3 - Key Area 4 (Waste)
An alternative economic model whi...,
When a product can be recycled in...,
The conversion of non recyclable ...
19  cards

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