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What is a circuit,
In a circuit picture of a battery...,
What is the type of amplifier use...
59  cards
Electrical, Laser, Radiation, and Fire Safety
Who is the electrical safety cartoon,
An open circuit is what,
What are the electrical hazards f...
75  cards
Principles EKG 1
What is monitoring,
What is electrocardiography,
What three things do we look at o...
55  cards
Principles Patient Monitoring
What does spo2 to stand for,
Non invasive blood pressure may r...,
What monitors are we monitoring o...
30  cards
Old Exams : EXAM 1 & 2
The letters ecg stand for what,
Name of waller s dog used in earl...,
Type of amplifier used in ecg mon...
122  cards
What are the 3 things we can get ...,
What is the a h interval,
What does the a h interval tell us
63  cards
Ecg waveform segment,
Ecg waveform interval,
P wave last how long
94  cards
When you give phenylephrine to tr...,
When you give ephedrine to treat ...
144  cards
Invasive BP
What is the average blood flow ve...,
What is the accepted form of bloo...,
As vessels get more narrow what h...
73  cards
Oximetry and Pulse Ox
What is the respiratory quotient,
Why is oximetry measured,
What is the normal o2 consumption...
63  cards
CVP Monitoring
What is cvp,
What is preload,
What is preload formula
54  cards
PA Pressure w/ Swan-Ganz
Label the following picture,
How long is a a normal swan ganz ...,
What can the paceport be used for 2
53  cards
Old Exams : Final
To compensate for random errors y...,
What is the normal surgical depth...,
What is the most immediate indica...
47  cards
Physics Midterm
Boyle s law,
Charles gay lussac law,
Don s law 3rd gas law
65  cards
Physics Final
Human tissue heat capacity is ___...,
Define specific heat capacity,
Define heat capacity
111  cards
Physics Old Exams
The solubility coefficient most o...,
Effect of giving 3 saline solutio...,
Which humidifier is most efficient
70  cards
Cardiac Output and Blood Flow
What are techniques for measuring...,
How does velocity relate to frequ...,
The frequency of the doppler ultr...
46  cards
Respiratory Gas Analysis
What gases use infrared analysis ...,
What gases use paramagnetic analy...,
Why do we monitor respiratory gases
52  cards
NMB Monitoring
How can the skeletal muscle,
How do we,
How many alpha subunits are locat...
62  cards
What is average o2 consumption in...,
What are the respiratory quotient...,
What is capnnogram capnometer cap...
67  cards
Cardiac Assist Devices
What are the essential functions ...,
Describe the cpb basic circuit fr...,
What is the method commonly used ...
75  cards
Pacemakers and Defibrillators
Define crmd,
Where are pacing leads placed wit...,
What are indications for a pacemaker
70  cards
What occurs to amplitude of a sou...,
What is amplitude in ultrasound a...,
Sound waves generated from the pi...
93  cards
Chapter 25:Intraaortic Balloon Pump and VADs
What is the primary purpose of iabp,
What is the volume of the intraao...,
What gas is usually used to infla...
12  cards
Key Terms: Exam 1
What is the r in rso2 stand for,
What is the percent variation for...,
What is the optimum temperature d...
30  cards
Key Terms: Exam 2
What are basic functions of piezo...,
What properties of tee corrects t...,
Describe the doppler effect
17  cards
Monitoring EEG
What was the name of the brain th...,
Why do we monitor the brain 5,
What operations will result in a ...
67  cards
Monitoring ICP and Neurologic Status
What are normal icp values,
What are the intracranial contents 4,
What is a late sign of increased ...
63  cards
Monitoring Evoked Potentials
What is a diminutive human being ...,
Where do the sensory and motor,
What is the arrow pointing to lab...
37  cards
Monitoring Depth of Anesthesia
What is doa,
In what situations can pt awarene...,
New brain wave monitoring can be ...
89  cards
OB and Fetal Monitoring
What s this,
When does co reach its peak,
When does map peak in the ob pt
45  cards
Infusion Pumps
The tubing catheter system has lo...,
Remove the air eliminated 12 micr...,
What pumps generate pressure to r...
42  cards
Point of Care Testing
The joint commission on accredita...,
What are the advantages of poc te...,
Where are pocs helpful
12  cards
Monitoring in Special Locations
Where could we monitor in non or ...,
What monitors do you need in spec...,
What are general considerations w...
33  cards
Monitoring Ventilation
What measurement of ventilation m...,
What s this,
What are possible sites for the r...
11  cards
Who invented the stethoscope,
What is used for high pitch sound...,
What depth should the esophageal ...
20  cards
Final Thoughts
What is organ least likely to wit...,
What are mep,
What are ssep
46  cards

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