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Computer Hardware
What is hardware,
Name hardware devices,
What is an input device
17  cards
Computer Components
What does northbridge on a mother...,
What does southbridge do on a mot...,
What is volatile memory
13  cards
Computer Systems
Name the 6 types of computers,
3 desktop advantages any 3 of the 7,
3 desktop disadvantages any 3 of ...
15  cards
Connectivity Methods
What is twisted pair cable,
Advantages of tpc,
Disadvantages of tpc
28  cards
Communication Hardware
Modem definition,
2 advantages of modems,
2 disadvantages of modems
28  cards
Hardware Troubleshooting
What is hardware troubleshooting,
What does it aim to do,
Name the 5 steps in identifying a...
13  cards
Units Of Mesuarments
What 2 numbers do computers under...,
What is a bit short for,
How much binary value is 1 bit worth
14  cards
Number Systems
What type of binary is base 16,
What are the number and letter la...,
Learn the decimal conversion numb...
3  cards
Number Conversions
How to convert to binary to decim...,
How to convert decimal to binary ...,
How to convert hex to binary watc...
4  cards
0  cards
Types Of Software
What is software,
List as many software programmes,
What is bespoke software
18  cards
Application Software
What is application software,
What are the 3 main application s...,
3 advantages of productivity soft...
9  cards
Utility Software
What is utility software,
Backup definition,
Anti virus definition
13  cards
Operating Systems
What is an operating system,
Definition of single user,
Definition of multi user
22  cards
Communication Methods
Definition of sms,
1 advantages of sms,
2 disadvantages of sms
29  cards
Software Troubleshooting
Name 4 common software problems,
What is the blue screen of death,
How do you fix or troubleshoot a ...
9  cards
What is protocols,
What does the acronym at in stand...,
What are the 6 protocols in appli...
11  cards
0  cards
Types Of Servers
What is a server,
What are the 8 types of servers c...,
What is an example of a server
16  cards
What is virtualization hint its n...,
What is server virtualization,
What is client desktop virtualiza...
7  cards
Network Characteristics
What is a node,
What is peer to peer networking,
3 advantages
28  cards
Connectivity Methods
What is a lan,
3 advantages of a lan,
3 disadvantages of lan
31  cards
0  cards
Communication Skills (LO4)
What is communication skills,
Is personal communication face to...,
What are the 7 themes of communic...
24  cards
Communication Technology (LO4)
What is presentation software and...,
How is presentation software used,
In what method are presentations ...
14  cards
Personal Attributes (LO4)
What is self motivation,
Why is self motivation important ...,
What is leadership
4  cards

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