international business and trade

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lesson 1: overview of international marketing
The firm views the world includin...,
The asean economic community aims...,
The primary obstacle to success i...
16  cards
lesson 2: classical vs. neo classical theories
Is an economy s ability to produc...,
The production of goods and servi...,
Refusal to sell to a specific cou...
28  cards
lesson 3: wto and trading blocs
Wto was based in and established on,
Is the only global organization d...,
All wto rules are the outcome of ...
19  cards
lesson 4: entry modes
Is the direct sale of goods and o...,
Allows another company in your ta...,
Somewhat similar to licensing in ...
21  cards
lesson 5: exporting in the philippines
Aims to find out the appropriate ...,
Would finally help you decide whe...,
Preparation of the business plan
10  cards
lesson 6: exporting and the export merchandiser
Duties and functions,
You reside in the exporter s home...,
Undertakes market research and pr...
23  cards
lesson 7: market research
Market research is considered a c...,
A car branded _____ sold very poo...,
_______ is different from a local...
16  cards
lesson 8: product development for export
A _____ is the item offered for s...,
The main benefit that a buyer get...,
Refers to the product s brand nam...
27  cards
lesson 9: export packaging, marking, and labelling
It is accounted that as much as _...,
Refers to the proper way of prote...,
According to the ________ the fol...
9  cards
lesson 10: export distribution channels
Involves all the activities conce...,
Deals with trade contracts and th...,
Deals with the problem of space a...
22  cards
lesson 11: export pricing and the significance of costing
Setting the price of a product is...,
From the businessperson s point o...,
Basic concept of price
18  cards
lesson 12: promotional methods for exporting
Consists of visual and oral messa...,
Is a planned program of policies ...,
Is the most widely used method of...
16  cards

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international business and trade

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