interpreting in immigration court

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Immigration Terminology
Adjust status,
Administrative processing
18  cards
Key Terminology for First Case
This is a continued preliminary h...,
Are you filing an i 130,
12  cards
Key Terminology for Second Case
I will waive their appearances fo...,
Does your client have an asylum a...,
It is not wise to do your own fil...
5  cards
Criminal Offenses 1 (Completa)
Abuse of power,
Accessory during the fact,
Accessory before the fact
113  cards
Immigration Terminology 2
Canceled without prejudice
14  cards
Key Terminology for Master Calendar – Pro Se
The respondent is appearing pro se,
State your appearance for the record,
Do you swear or affirm that you a...
18  cards
Immigration Terminology 3
Department of homeland security dhs,
Department of labor,
Derivative status
46  cards
Key Terminology for Third Case
Aggravated felony,
16  cards
Lista #1 Criminal Terminology
Armed robbery,
53  cards
Vocabulary Lecture 3
Court clerk,
Individual merit hearing imh
33  cards
Vocabulario Practica 10, 11 y 12
Lightly event
5  cards
Segunda Lista
Exhibits admitted into evidence,
Aider and abettor
12  cards
Lista de la Practica #18
Admitted into evidence,
Aider and abettor
49  cards
Ofensas Criminales Pag. 20 del Libro
Abuse of power,
Accessory after the fact,
Accessory before the fact
114  cards
Criminal Terminology Pag 26 PRIMERA PARTE (Libro)
Admitted into evidence
201  cards
Criminal Terminology Pag 33 SEGUNDA PARTE(Libro)
Law enforcement agency on,
Law enforcement officer,
Law firm evantar la sesi
199  cards
Criminal Terminology Page 40 TERCERA PARTE (Libro)
Temporary restraining order tro,
Thank and excuse to,
To the best of my knowledge and b...
27  cards
Key Terminology for Court Orders Pag 80 (Libro)
It is hereby ordered that the res...,
Notice to appear,
Application for withholding of re...
7  cards
Pag 86
Rank order number,
Re entry permit,
26  cards
Pag 95
To be eligible for cancellation o...,
An alien must demonstrate that he...,
Family ties
7  cards
LISTA 2 Criminal Terrminology
Admitted into evidence,
Aider and abettor
104  cards

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interpreting in immigration court

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