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Exam 1
Theory based nursing practice hel...,
Nurses develop theories to explain,
Novice advanced beginner competen...
143  cards
Exam 2
Smart acronym for writing patient...,
Independent nursing interventions,
Correctly written nursing interve...
131  cards
A patient with a head injury is a...,
A patient with blood type o needs...,
Why are older adults prone to deh...
12  cards
Explore more 2
When elimination becomes impaired...,
Several areas in the brain are in...,
Typically a sense of urgency occu...
36  cards
Exam 3 Topic 8
American cancer society guideline...,
A wheal is an,
A 1 cm firm solid mass describes a
44  cards
Exam 3 Topic 10
When the nurse uses a matter of f...,
Patients with deficits in self co...,
Demonstrating acceptance of the p...
22  cards
Chapter 34-Self Concept
Define self concept,
Self esteem is,
The loss of bodily function decli...
44  cards
Chapter 35
Sexuality has many definitions,
Sexuality differs from sexual health,
Sexual development in infancy and...
24  cards
Chapter 36 Spiritual health
Define spirituality,
A persons health depends on a bal...,
Research shows that spirituality ...
33  cards
Chapter 37 The experience of loss, death, & grief
How one grieves depends on,
A maturational loss is a,
Sudden unpredictable external eve...
10  cards
Chapter 49 Sensory Alterations
Three components of any sensory e...,
The actual perception or awarenes...
20  cards
Chapter 3 Community-Based Nursing Practice
Community based health care is a,
Community based health care is a ...,
Public health services aim at ach...
27  cards
Chapter 25 patient education
Comprehensive patient education i...,
Teaching consists of a,
Define learning
11  cards
Chapter 33 Complementary and Alternative Therapies
Allopathic or biomedicine,
Therapeutic touch contain,
Guided imagery and breathwork are
37  cards

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