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Profession of Nursing Q0
What were the requirements for nu...,
Who was the founder of profession...,
What did florence nightingale do
20  cards
Orem Self-Care Deficit Of Nursing
What is theory,
What is concept,
What is a conceptual framework
29  cards
Professionalism 1
Why look at values ethics in nursing,
What not to wear,
What is meant by values
27  cards
Nursing Metaparadigm & Nursing Models
What is concept,
What is philosophy,
What is conceptualization
25  cards
Health and Health Illness Continuum
What is health,
What is disease,
How does the who define health
18  cards
What is communication,
What does communication mean,
What does ineffective communicati...
41  cards
The Interview
What is an interview,
What are the 4 phases of an inter...,
Why preform an interview
17  cards
Identifying Clinical Problems in Nursing Practice 1
What is nursing practice,
The primary purpose of the nursin...,
Steps of nursing process
32  cards
Vital Signs
What do you ask patient before ta...,
What has a circadian rhythm,
First korotkoff sound
8  cards
Experiencing Hospitalization
What is the importance of learnin...,
What is the importance of learnin...,
What situations arise if one must...
21  cards
USCR Promoting Safety
What is a hazard,
Types of hazards,
Classify the hazards as environme...
28  cards
Transport of 02 is dependent on w...,
What is ventilation,
What is respiration
41  cards
USCR Balance between Rest & Activity
What is sleep,
Why is sleep important,
What are the two physiology stage...
56  cards
Workplace safety & Health Q0
What is safety,
What is health well being,
Physical hazards
27  cards
USCR Fluids
What is physiological homeostasis,
Function of fluid in the body,
Fluid compartments in the body
60  cards
Identifying Clinical Problems in Nursing Practice 2
What is the nursing process,
What are the 4 categories in the ...,
Action demand consist of what 2 p...
24  cards
Cultural Diversity and Nursing
Why do you think it is important ...,
Why do you think it would be impo...,
What is culture
38  cards
USCR Elimination
What is elimination,
What to look for in an assessment...,
Urinary elimination depends on wh...
56  cards
Solitude & Social interaction
What 3 components are involved in...,
What is sensory reception,
What is sensory perception
27  cards
Normalcy definition,
The nurse s effect on the client ...,
Two 2 essential principles in est...
83  cards
Solving Clinical Problems in Nursing Practice
Steps of nursing process,
Data collection methods,
Cluster data
33  cards
Critical Thinking in Nursing
Elements of decision making proce...,
Elements of decision making proce...,
Elements of decision making proce...
14  cards
Professionalism 2
Who is marie rollet hebert,
Who is marie jeanne mance,
Who is marie marguerite d youville
18  cards
Practice of Nursing Q0
Why was canada health act establi...,
What does the canada health act do,
5 conditions of canada health act
29  cards
Professional Communication Q0
Ways stress affects the human org...,
Interpersonal definition,
Stress definition
39  cards

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