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The Year Of English
Pick up a habit,
It s customary to,
To set new year s resolutions
91  cards
Le nouveau taxi 1
Le placard,
Le chapeau,
La promenade
100  cards
The Year Of English 2
One week down,
One week to go,
To act smth smn out eg to act out...
109  cards
Gossip girl
Reversals of fortune,
2  cards
Le Nouveau Taxi 1 (b)
Le bureau,
Commencer par le mot,
La loi de la vexation
118  cards
The Year Of English 3
To make smn fluent in english,
No amount of smth,
To have trouble with smth
104  cards
The Year Of English 4
To be in for smth,
To stand for,
102  cards
Le Nouveau Taxi 1(c)
Au dessus de,
Le meuble
104  cards
Le Nouveau Taxi 1 (d)
Un ordinateur,
112  cards
Le Nouveau Taxi (e)
L etat c est moi,
99  cards
Le Nouveau Taxi 1 (f)
Ca me convient,
Revenez nous voir,
Une eglise
108  cards
The year Of English 5
One tip for doing smth improving,
Pick a certain model,
What should you do once you ve ch...
93  cards
The year Of English 6
To live close by,
Fishing pole fish pole,
Face to face conversation
100  cards
The year Of English 7
To make it through smth,
To fall into the trap,
To read out
99  cards
The year Of English 8
To fill out a form,
To file smth for smth divorce,
Irs internal revenue service
107  cards
The year Of English 9
To get smn into your head to get ...,
Literary language,
Episodic al content epi sodik
97  cards
The year Of English 10
To build equity,
Prospective buyer,
To yearn for
106  cards
French for dummies
C est la recreation,
Il tombe des cordes,
A la votre
20  cards
French in action
La salle de cours,
La bibli,
Et vous meme vous allez bien
114  cards
The year Of English 11
The thought nagged at me,
Space exploration
100  cards
The year Of English 12
German sheped,
Get something off one s chest
98  cards
The year Of English 13
To hospitalize,
To put smn in a hospital,
100  cards
The year Of English 14
The role of the government is to ...,
Television brings many benefits b...,
57  cards
French in action 2
Epouser en 1912 mil neuf cent dou...,
Si vous examinez l arbre m geneal...,
Petite fille
111  cards

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