ls10 - life sciences

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A clone,
How are clones formed in nature,
Molecular cloning
20  cards
Antibiotics and blood transfusion
Antibiotics come from,
Antibiotics affect,
Through which means can we admini...
13  cards
Three original tenets of cell theory,
Cell theory,
Function of chromatin network
41  cards
Three phases of interphase,
Two parts of the cell cycle,
Occurs during g1 phase of interphase
34  cards
Skeletal system
Hydrostatic skeleton,
How does a hydrostatic skeleton work,
Advantages of a hydrostatic skeleton
100  cards
Circulatory systems
Main components of blood circulat...,
Open circulatory systems,
Closed circulatory systems
100  cards
Plant tissues
32  cards
A microscope,
Role of jansen and his son in dev...,
Role of hooke in microscopy 1665
26  cards
Rocky Shore
Fate of the incoming sunlight ove...,
Important abiotic factors on the ...,
Advantages of wave action
31  cards
Biotic factors
73  cards
Biosphere and Biomes
People who study ecology,
72  cards
Support and transport in plants
Seed plants are divided into two ...,
29  cards
Leaf as an example of a plant organ
Main angiosperm plant organs,
Root primary function
21  cards
Mitosis and cancer
Substance between cell membrane a...,
One cells cell cycle starts and ends,
Two main phases of the cell cycle
37  cards
IK and biotechnology
A typical plant tissue culture me...,
Possible ethical opinions for ste...,
Three sources of stem cells
56  cards
The chemistry of life
32  cards
Animal tissues
Type of tissue,
Type of tissue,
Type of tissue
51  cards
Biodiversity and Classification
The variety of life forms in a pa...,
Various levels of biodiversity,
Species diversity
58  cards
History of Life on Earth
Approximate age of planet earth,
How many million years in 1 billion,
Years ago that scientists see the...
42  cards
Core terminology: History of Life on Earth
Deductive reasoning,
Inductive reasoning,
Mass extiction
23  cards

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ls10 - life sciences

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