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ECG and arrhythmias
How many seconds is 1 small squar...,
A p wave is normally less than sq...,
Qt interval is meant to be ______...
76  cards
Swan ganz catheter,
Lhermitte s sign hint neuro question,
What are the 5 mimics of all time...
8  cards
Bedside tutorials foundation
What is a vp shunt,
How might we elicit a fasiculation,
Side effects of gtn
16  cards
Acronyms and classification tools
Lmnop what s it for,
I get smashed what is it for,
Mad hatter what is it for
25  cards
How much is tbw in terms of perce...,
What does extravascular mean,
What does intravascular mean
27  cards
What are tested in lfts,
For ggt alp ast alt and ld which ...,
Where else can you find ast
18  cards
Iron studies
What are the roles of iron in the...,
How many iron per hb,
What is the role of ferritin what...
17  cards
Vital signs
What are the 6 vital signs,
What are the 6 vital signs,
Which vital sign is the most impo...
24  cards
Palliative care
What are some bad effects of medi...,
What is palliative care,
What are the 4 pillars of a palli...
4  cards
Preoperative assessment
Mallampati score,
What is the ideal met,
What is preoperative assessment
13  cards
Diabetes perioperative care
What do you try to do for any dia...,
What is the main problem with dia...,
How do we usually manage the insu...
8  cards
Oxygen hb equation
1  cards
Procedural skills
Would you use a larger or smaller...,
If we needed to deliver 2 mg of m...
2  cards
Postoperative fever
What are the big 5 causes of post...,
What are common causes of immedia...,
What are some rare serious causes...
14  cards
What adverse effect of statins th...,
Why is a z score important for os...,
Alzheimers disease what is the de...
8  cards
general microbiology
Catalase coagulase gram positive ...,
Beta haemolytic strep,
Alpha haemolytic strep
4  cards

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