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Cells and Tissues of the Nervous System
What are the divisions of the ner...,
What forms the cns,
What forms pns
90  cards
Topography of the brain
Describe the formation of the mid...,
What happens as soon as the neura...,
During what week does the neural ...
93  cards
Cerebral Hemispheres
Label the general surface features,
Label the general features within...,
What is a gyrus
90  cards
Spinal cord and periphery
On the spinal cord where is the g...,
Where do axons of sensory fibres ...,
Where are the cell bodies of moto...
40  cards
Visual Pathway
What is the visual field,
What is the fovea of the eye,
What kind of tests looks at the v...
21  cards
Embryology Congenital malformations
What does the nervous system deve...,
When does the cns first appear,
Label the stages of gastrulation
113  cards
Applied Neuropharmacology
Describe the sequence of events i...,
Step one synaptic transmission,
Step two synaptic transmission
73  cards
Vestibular System
What is the vestibular system,
Where is the vestibular system lo...,
Label this image
91  cards
Sensory Systems - Ophthalmology - How We See
What is refraction,
What is accomodation,
What leads to refractory errors
125  cards
Common Conditions of the Eye
26 year old male complaining of d...,
Once asking case one to move his ...,
Why is case one not cranial nerve...
57  cards
Acute Red Eye
What questions would you ask in t...,
What would you ask in the history...,
What questions would you ask in r...
105  cards
Sensory Systems
What is each type of sensory info...,
What are examples of sensory rece...,
How does the nerve endings of dif...
66  cards
Motor systems - Motor control basics
What is voluntary brain control o...,
How would you describe reflex con...,
How do brainstem nuclei control s...
40  cards
Brain control of Movement - Motor control
Voluntary movement uses a functio...,
What is the function of the high ...,
What is the function of the middl...
89  cards
Brain control of Movement - Motor control 2
Where does directional tuning occur,
What can be said about the neuron...,
What kind of loop mechanisms cont...
58  cards
Physiology and pathophysiology of pain
What is pain,
What are iasp key notes on pain,
Use the example of an individual ...
120  cards
Autonomic Nervous system
The autonomic nervous system is a...,
Describe the different componenet...,
Sympathetic nerves have
35  cards
Regolatory Systems: EEG, sleep and circadian rhythms
What is sleep defined as,
What is coma defined as,
What do sleep deprived subjects d...
79  cards
Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience - Memory & Cognition
What does cognition describe,
What does cognition relate to,
What is neuronal plasticity
43  cards
Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience - Assessment of Cognitive Function
What is cognition,
What domains does cognition include,
Why do we assess cognition
18  cards
Disorders of Special Sensory Function: The Cranial Nerves
Cn 1,
Cn 2,
Cn 3
84  cards
Functional Neurological Disorders
Definition of functional neurolog...,
What should be covered in a histo...,
What should be looked for in exam...
9  cards
Infections of the nervous system
What is meningitis,
What is encephalitis,
What is myelitis
82  cards
Diseases of the Spinal Cord and Nerve Roots
Describe the pathway of upper and...,
What is myelopathy,
What is myelitis
25  cards
Disorders of Neuromuscular Function - Muscle & Nerve Disease
Describe how an upper motor neuro...,
What contracts to shorten muscle,
What are symptoms of muscle disease
32  cards
Neurological Diseases - Spinal Disorders
What makes up the vertebral column,
What are the three regions of the...,
How would you describe the featur...
168  cards
Neurological Diseases - Degenerative disorders - Multiple Sclerosis
What is multiple sclerosis,
Does multiple sclerosis affect th...,
What do most patients with multip...
33  cards
What are common causes of loss of...,
What questions do you ask a patie...,
What warning symptoms may a patie...
66  cards
Cerebrospinal Fluid, Lumbar Puncture and Hydrocephalus
What is csf,
What are the two main functional ...,
What is obstructive hydrocephalus
18  cards
Disorders of the Somatosensory Function - Headache
What causes a primary headache,
What causes a secondary headache,
What are three types of primary h...
115  cards
Brain Tumours
What are common types of primary ...,
What are common tumours that spre...,
What is a glioma
29  cards
Pathology of Head Injury
What are examples of primary insult,
What are examples of secondary in...,
How is conscious level assessed
25  cards
Intracranial Pressure and cerebral blood flow
What is intracranial pressure,
What does the intracranial cavity...,
When is transient increase or dec...
24  cards
What is the definition of stroke,
What percentage of strokes are is...,
What is a tia
77  cards
Define coma,
What is the glasgow coma scale,
What 2 things is conciousness dep...
48  cards
Clinical assessment of neurosurgical patient
What three things do you need to ...,
What is gcs suggestive of,
What is pupillary response suuges...
25  cards
Neurological Diseases - Degenerative disorders - Dementia and Parkinson's
What are common features of neuro...,
What is dementia,
What is the incidence and prevale...
59  cards
Pathology of Cerebrovascular Disease: Ischaemia (Atheroma and thrombosis, thromoboembolism, Raptured aneurysm) and hypoxia generalised problems
What three arteries supply blood ...,
Do veins accompany arteries in th...,
Which sinuses are responsible for...
42  cards
The Pathology of intracranial tumours
What is meant by intracranial pre...,
What must be considered anatomica...,
Can brain go through the falx cer...
60  cards
Neurovascular Anatomy
1  cards

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