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conversion table
1mg 1000mcg 370 c 986f 1kg 22lb c...,
1kg ______lbs,
1l _____ml
13  cards
roman numerals
7  cards
General Survey / Mental Status PowerPoint
What to look for when assessing s...,
Questions to ask your self when l...
3  cards
yoost chapter 35 medication administartion
Schedule i,
Schedule i examples,
Schedule ii means
123  cards
Abbreviations Related to Medication Administration
10  cards
pain managment
Pain is both ______ and _______,
Is pain the same for everyone,
The 4 steps of pain
46  cards
the 4 theories of care
Watson s ten caritas processes,
Watson s theory to promote,
Kristen swanson theory of caring
4  cards
chapter 25 safety
Communicable diseases are transmi...,
Poisoning is the,
Toxins are substances that can
58  cards
pain management yoost
What is pain thershold,
Bradykinin defi,
Definition and function
41  cards
medication administarion power point
A drug is,
A medication is a,
The official name of medication i...
70  cards
clinical jedgment
Skills required for clinical judg...,
Critical thinking involves,
Clinical reasoning is the ability to
12  cards
head to toe yoost
What determines ski color and hue,
What causes white pinkish skin,
Absence of pigment is called
225  cards
head to toe assessment power point
First steps of physical assessment,
General survey,
Assessment of mental status includes
58  cards
communication power point
The communication process,
Communications is a,
Communication can be either _____...
29  cards
communication yoost
The elements of the communication...,
Referent is,
Channel is
58  cards
clinical judgement yoost
Critical thinking involves the,
Three cognitive activities import...,
Clinical reasoning is the
18  cards
Values, Beliefs, and Caring
A belief is,
Values are,
Values determine the importance a...
46  cards

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