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Mental Status Assessment: Ch. 5
What is included in a mental stat...,
When is a full mental status exam...,
Aphasia and the 3 specific types
27  cards
Substance Use Assessment: Ch. 6
What are the illicit drugs,
What are the drink day range for ...,
13  cards
Domestic & Family Violence Assessment: Ch. 7
Standard question asked to assess...,
Easiwho is it used forwhere is it...,
What to look for in a htta physic...
16  cards
Assessment Techniques & Safety in the Clinical Setting: Ch. 8
What is the nursing process,
What are the critical thinking pr...,
What is the magic nursing question
9  cards
General Survey: Ch. 9
When is the general survey done,
6 observations to note for physic...,
Characteristics of centripetal ob...
21  cards
Vitals: Ch. 10
What are the 6 vital signs,
Temperature normal range f and c ...,
Pulse normal range radial palpati...
12  cards
Pain Assessment: Ch. 11
What is nociceptive pain what are...,
What is neuropathic pain,
Acute pain
26  cards
Nutrition Ch. 12
What is the normal range for bmi,
What is considered underweight fo...,
What is considered overweight for...
35  cards
Skin, Hair, Nails Ch. 13
80  cards
What does heent stand for,
Swelling of the lymph nodes,
Opening between the upper and low...
131  cards
Abdominal Ch. 22
Test for appendicitis iliopsoas m...,
Burning sensation in the esophagu...,
Organs in the ruq
65  cards
Thorax and Lungs Ch. 19
What is the sternal angle and wha...,
What is the coastal angelwhat is ...,
What is the supra aspect of teh l...
68  cards
Where does the heart sit in the c...,
Precordium vs pericardium,
Av valves sl valves what do they ...
34  cards
Define the 4 point grading scale ...,
Which vertebral level is assessed...,
Denver ii
33  cards
Neurological assessment 5,
Assessment loc and mental statale...,
27  cards
HA Final
Expected outcomes or goals should...,
Episodic focused complete follow ...,
Cultural competence hispanicasian...
38  cards

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