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History and Interviewing
What are the goals of history an ...,
Privileged communication,
Pitfalls in taking hx
59  cards
Peripheral Vascular
Pulse characteristics,
Assessment of pulses,
Palpate extremities for
53  cards
Examination Techniques and Equipment
What contains transmissable infec...,
What procedures require masks to ...,
Transmission based precautions
36  cards
Mental Status Exam
Different loc,
General survey physical appearance,
General survey body structure
51  cards
Respiratory Assessment
Where does the trachea split and ...,
Right lobe of lungs
70  cards
Cardiac Assessment
Position of the heart,
Position of heart varies with bod...,
Factors affecting heart position
96  cards
Lymphatic System
What does the lymphatic system co...,
Lymph tissue located in where,
Fxn of immune system
36  cards
Head and Neck
Inspect head and scalp for,
Inspect facial features for,
Palpate head and scalp for
72  cards
Measuring visual acuity,
Inspect eyebrows for,
Inspect orbital area for
90  cards
Ear, Nose and Throat
Inspection of ears,
Assess hearing through the following,
Inspection of nose and sinuses
75  cards
Structure of cns,
Pathways of cns,
Peripheral nervous system
43  cards
Function of the musculoskeletal s...,
Function of the musculoskeletal s...,
Synovial membrane
106  cards
Sports Participation Evaluation
Goals of evaluation,
How early should a ppe be performed,
Clinician may
4  cards
Reproductive System
Location of the breast,
Male breast anatomy,
Anatomy of the breast
131  cards
Male Reproductive
Structures of the male genitalia,
Cremasteric muscles,
Spermatogenesis requires a temper...
29  cards
Anus, Rectum and Prostate
What is defacation controlled by,
Columns of morgagni,
Zona hemorrhoidalis
27  cards

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