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HiPPA/Osha Regulatory Training
Low risk bloodborne pathogen,
You suspect abuse in the patient ...,
How can a patient make a request ...
28  cards
Intro To Profession Of Nursing
What are the four codes of ethics,
What are the five basics of ethics,
What are the four main ethic phil...
160  cards
Gram suffix
122  cards
Phys Assessment
What does subjective mean,
What does objective mean,
What are the 2 components of clin...
290  cards
Pharm Must Know
Should be used in caution,
18  cards
Cultural Competency
Cross cultural misunderstanding b...,
When patient and provider coime f...,
What is the pygmalian theory
12  cards
Random NCLEX questions
5 stages of grief,
To prevent ulcers in a patient un...,
In a patient with mi
17  cards
Intro to Profession
What is the mnemonic for jesuit v...,
What does the m1 stand for in jes...,
What does f stand for in jesuit v...
7  cards
Exam 1: NR410
What is the mnemonic for jesuit v...,
What does the m1 stand for in jes...,
What does f stand for in jesuit v...
133  cards
Exam 2: NR410
What is our job as nurses,
Patient contributing facotrs,
Contributing factor for pre schoo...
227  cards
Exam 1: NR 414
What is the diagnostics composed of,
What are some components of criti...
85  cards
Exam 2: NR414
Blood dumps into,
Cardiac cycle,
Heart consists of
206  cards
Lab NR 410
After you check patient for pain ...,
What are the steps for taking vit...,
What do you document for vital signs
6  cards
Lab NR 414
Greeting steps,
What are the steps in the assessment,
Where do you check for pedal pulse
5  cards
Exam 2: NR414 REV
This is grinding of the teeth exp...,
Smooth glossy tongue that occurs ...,
This is a fungal infections commo...
222  cards
Exam 2: NR410 REV
Why do we restrain a patient,
What do you assess for after rest...,
What can we do to improve mistakes
86  cards
Exam 3: NR 414
Jarvis this is a facial bone that...,
Jarvis this is a blood vessel tha...,
This isthmus of the thyroid gland...
274  cards
Exam 2: NR414 Rev 2
This is a term for dry mouth,
Another name for nosebleed,
Jarvis the second heart sound is ...
138  cards
Exam 1: 462 & Patho
What is the most appropriate thin...,
Hich assessment findings would al...,
What is the patient bill of right...
333  cards
Exam 3: NR414 Rev
The extraocular muscles consist o...,
A slight protrusion of the eyebal...,
The location in the brain where o...
133  cards
Patho Exam 1: REV
Acidosis alkalosisrome,
Hypothalamus functions,
Causes of hyperkalemia
111  cards
NR462 Exam 1: REV
Morphine side effects,
The nurse is having difficulty re...,
1 tablespoon mls
192  cards
Exam1 Pharm: REV
Acebutolol hcl sectral a beta blo...,
Cholinergic effects mimic which n...,
The nurse is reviewing a patients...
121  cards
NR 462: Exam 2
Hypoxia signs symptoms,
Important assessments obtained du...,
As a series of short duration dis...
129  cards
462 Exam 1: REV2
1 tablespoon mls,
Diseases associated with the effe...,
Manifested by a withdrawal syndro...
92  cards
Exam 4: NR414
Objective findings for osteoarthr...,
3 areas of the glasgow coma scale,
Higher motor system that permits ...
136  cards
Patho Exam 2
Structures of the upper airway,
Divides the upper and lower airways,
Structures in the lower airway
87  cards
Pharm Exam 1: Final
Cholinergic effects mimic which n...,
The nurse is reviewing a patients...
122  cards
Exam 3 462
Describe dawn phenomenon,
Describe a nontunnelled cvad,
Risk factors for type 2 diabetes ...
152  cards
Assessment Final Phys Exam
What are the 13 areas of your ass...,
Introduction includes,
14  cards
Pharm Exam 2
Spironolactine aldactone,
59  cards
Patho Exam 2: Evolve Questions
How soon are ecg changes visible,
Who would be at highest risk for ...,
This occurs with activity and is ...
156  cards
Assessment Final UPDATE
Which cranial nerves control the ...,
How often should males 15 y o do ...,
Documenting heart sounds x4
103  cards

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