nursing semester 1

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Nursing and Caring
What is nursing 6,
Ana definition of nursing,
Nursing standards are
49  cards
Chapter 15: Critical Thinking in Nursing Practice
Critical thinking is,
Critical thinking is a ______ ______,
Critical thinking is recognizing
24  cards
Chapter 16: Nursing Assessment
An assessment must be,
Assessment is the,
Nursing assessment includes 2 steps
23  cards
Chapter 30: Vital Signs
List times when a patients vital ...,
Most frequent and routine measure...,
Average temperature range
71  cards
Chapter 29: Infection Prevention and Control
55  cards
Chapter 31: Health Assessment and Physical Examination
0  cards
Chapter 31: Health Assessment and Physical Examination
Physical exam is conducted to 5,
Palpate skin for,
Palmar surface of the hand and fi...
10  cards
Review questions
Health care reform will bring cha...,
Which of the following internet r...,
A group of staff nurses notice an...
112  cards
Chapter 4: Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice
Nursing metaparadigm,
Grand theories,
Middle range theory
16  cards
Chapter 24: Communication (Exam 2)
Developing communication skills r...,
Thinking is influenced by percept...,
Levels of communication 5
14  cards
Chapter 6- Health and Wellness
Healthy people provides,
Healthy people 2020 goals 4,
Who definition of health
22  cards
Chapter 21: Managing Patient Care
Transformational leadership focus...,
Teeams approach,
2 traditional nursing care delive...
18  cards
Chapter 24: Communication
Emotional intelligence,
Intrapersonal communication,
Interpersonal communication
13  cards
Chapter 36: Spiritual Health
Spirituality often defined as,
Components of spirituality 4,
While caring for a muslim female ...
7  cards
Chapter 35- Sexuality
Which drugs can cause erectile dy...,
A middle aged patient is diagnose...,
While caring for a pregnant patie...
6  cards
Chapter 38: Stress and Coping
Appraisal is how,
General adaptation syndrom 3 stages,
Allostatic load
14  cards
Chapter 40- Oxygenation
Major inspiratory muscle of respi...,
24  cards
Extracellular fluid ecf,
3 types of extracellular fluid,
Intracellular fluid icf
97  cards
F/E Diseases
What are some medical conditions ...,
What are some conditions that mig...
23  cards
Acid-Base balance
Normal arterial blood is,
Acids release ______bases alkalin...,
Degree of acidity is reported as
9  cards
Alterations in respiratory function,
Atelectasis is
94  cards
Alterations in Oxygenation and Perfusion
Emphysema characterized by,
Chronic bronchitis characterized by,
Asthma is a chronic disease chara...
15  cards
Normal Lab values for adults
Sodium na,
Potassium k
16  cards

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