nutrition 1 exam

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Past qs
The bull terrier is genetically p...,
If a rations ufp value is 8 this ...,
How much corn silage can be fed t...
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Past qs 1
Full fat soya treatment is done by,
What does a complete premix contain,
What is the protein content of ce...
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Past qs 2
These are feeds which are marked ...,
For this animal its roughage requ...,
Extracted oilseed meals contain a...
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Past qs 3
What is q,
How is the dm intake approaching ...,
How is the dm intake approaching ...
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Past qs 4
For nutrition in ruminants we div...,
What is the meaning of per,
In hungary protein requirement is...
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Past qs 5
Put in increasing order according...,
The maintenance energy requiremen...,
The acidification of the cat s ur...
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Past qs 6
In rumen ruminococcus albus splits,
Definition of acid number,
Reason of obesity of rats having ...
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Past qs 7
Chemical score,
What is swann report,
How should growth promoters act w...
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Past qs 8
What is ndf,
Metabolism and its regulation of ...,
Maintenance energy requirements f...
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Past qs 9
Full fat soya heat treatments is ...,
Protein content in cereals,
With induced amino acid maltian
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Past qs 10
Long term control of body composi...,
Short term regulation of body com...,
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Past qs 11
Which one is a biogenic amine,
Ammonia is caused by reaction bet...,
It the feed contains a low amount...
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Past qs 12
Calculation of energy requirement...,
Forage generally have,
Chemical maturity of animal measured
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Past qs 13
Function to carry the long chain ...,
Contributes to mycopolysaccharide...,
One of the deficiency syndromes i...
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Past qs 14
Gh in dairy cow stimulates,
Body condition score above optimum,
Crop field moulds require
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Past mpq
Peroxide number in good feedstuff...,
Supplement for dairy cows if they...,
Who degrade nutrients in rumen a ...
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Past mpq 2
Crude protein content of wheat ba...,
Feeding too high amount of udp to...,
It is a bulky feeda extracted soy...
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Minerals and vitamins
Which vitamin helps to prevent os...,
The cats capacity to transform ca...,
Mineral having similar skin and m...
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