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Intro and Carbs
What are the four stages of epide...,
What is a cohort study,
What is a case control studies
61  cards
Fats 'n such
What is the energy per gram of fats,
What is the most abundant lipid i...,
Monounsaturated fats are from wha...
62  cards
Energy and Balance
True or false all cancers begin a...,
What percent of cancers are genet...,
The majority of cancers involve what
31  cards
What happens if the body lacks es...,
What does it mean for a protein t...,
True or false functionally all am...
67  cards
Vits and minerals
Folate pathway,
What are the roles of vitamins in...,
What is a dietary reference intake
98  cards
Vits II
What are the normal biological pr...,
What is the enzyme that converts ...,
What is the enzyme that catalyses...
87  cards
Minerals I
What are macrominerals,
What are trace minerals,
What major minerals are those pre...
77  cards
Minerals II
What is the role of chromium,
What is the role of cu,
What is the role of fluoride
117  cards
What is the most important indica...,
What is the timeframe for infancy...,
What is the timeframe for the fir...
80  cards
Nutritional Supplements
What percent of americans take a ...,
Generally are supplements meant t...,
Are supplements regulated
37  cards
Nutritional Assessment
What can vitamin d be an indicato...,
What are the signs symptoms of vi...,
What are the genes enzymes that n...
68  cards
Obesity I
What is the technical definition ...,
True or false oa is a risk factor...,
True or false gallstones and rena...
36  cards
Obesity II
What is the key thing to change i...,
What is considered successful wei...,
When is a very low calorie diet i...
32  cards
Cardio Friendly diets
What is the appearance of blood v...,
What is the appearance of blood v...,
What is the appearance of blood v...
40  cards
Cardio friendly diets II
What is the role of the renin ang...,
What is the role of aldosterone,
Where is no from
16  cards
Supplemental Feedings
Who should not do underwater weig...,
What is dual energy x ray absorpt...,
What are anthropometric methods t...
35  cards
DM Nutrition
What are the elements of metaboli...,
What is the range of fasting plas...,
What is the range of random plasm...
64  cards
Thiamin deficiency,
Riboflavin deficiency,
Niacin deficiency
42  cards
Preventative med
What is the underlying idea behin...,
What is wellness,
Can you be healthy and not well c...
32  cards
What is the term for a persons ac...,
What race has the highest inciden...,
What type of food is a risk facto...
44  cards
Motivational interviewing
What are the four principles of m...,
What are the components of the sm...,
What are the two major determinan...
16  cards
Dental Health
What is the cause of osteogenesis...,
True or false melanin pigmentatio...,
What is the causative agent of de...
22  cards
Health Screening in the General population
What is primordial prevention,
What is primary prevention,
What is secondary prevention
61  cards
Physical Activity
What are the two cas that are pre...,
Obesity is what number leading ca...,
What is the minimum amount of exc...
18  cards
Sports nutrition
Higher intensity exercise burns what,
What is the recommendation for pr...,
What is the issue with plant deri...
27  cards
MInd body medicine
What are the components of the li...,
True or false consciousness can b...,
True or false consciousness can b...
7  cards
Complementary Medicine
What is the current correct term ...,
What are the four guiding princip...,
What is the national organization...
21  cards
Nicotine Addiction
What are the effects of nicotine ...,
What is the effect of nicotine on...,
True or false nicotine is the cau...
64  cards
Risk factors for CVD
What is the term for a characteri...,
What is the term for strategies t...,
What is the term for strategies t...
28  cards
Drug/nutrient interaction
What is alendronate fosamax used for,
What are the interactions that ar...,
What is ondansetron zofran used for
32  cards
What is the plant based vitamin d,
What is the equation of sensitvity,
What is the equation of ppv
12  cards

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