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ABCDE - General
What are some things to look at f...,
Urine output is considered to be ...,
What is the normal range for resp...
31  cards
ABCDE - Specific
What should be added to the secon...,
What four drugs should you give t...,
You shouldn t give iv furosemide ...
61  cards
How should you go about assessing...,
A fine physiological tremor can b...,
What rate should the oxygen flow ...
109  cards
What are some specific symptoms y...,
If a female patient presents with...,
If a patient presents with jaundi...
33  cards
What nerve is most likely to be d...,
An externally rotated hip is most...,
If a patient presents with a join...
106  cards
What are some specific symptoms y...,
What are some risk factors that i...,
If a patient presents with a gene...
89  cards
What gross and fine motor skills ...,
A weight on what centile correspo...,
Which formula is best whey or cas...
107  cards
What questions should you ask whe...,
How is wernicke s encephalopathy ...,
What mmse score is suggestive of ...
40  cards
Knee flexion is assessing which n...,
Finger abduction is assessing whi...,
What is are the role s of cn v
73  cards
What are the different areas of d...,
What are some features you should...,
What are some features you should...
98  cards
What is meant by gravidity,
What is meant by parity,
How are multiple pregnancies coun...
119  cards
ECG Theory
Where on the chest should v1 be p...,
Where on the chest should v2 be p...,
Where on the chest should v3 be p...
62  cards
ECG Patterns
What rhythm is seen here,
What rhythm is seen here,
What rhythm is seen here
22  cards
What are the 5 main steps to conf...,
If after a fluid status examinati...,
What are some clinical signs of a...
70  cards

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