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Quiz 17 - Abdominal / GI / Gynecologic
The conversion of glycogen to glu...,
You are caring for a middle aged ...,
You receive a call to a residence...
52  cards
Quiz 18 - OB
Uterine rupture most commonly occ...,
The dome shaped top of the uterus...,
Women who have had a cesarean sec...
25  cards
Quiz 19 - Neonatology
A newborn born between ___ and __...,
You have been providing bag mask ...,
Which of the following statements...
25  cards
Quiz 20 - Pediatrics
A 7 year old conscious boy presen...,
Which of the following statements...,
Most children begin to develop st...
50  cards
Quiz 21 - Geriatrics & Patients with Special Challenges
Multiple sclerosis is a chronic i...,
Which of the following is an extr...,
Components of the environmental a...
45  cards
Quiz 24 - Special Operations
When parking the ambulance off th...,
Which of the following biologic a...,
Which of the following statements...
50  cards
Block 3
When applying a dressing and band...,
When managing a patient who is en...,
The skin is also referred to as t...
30  cards
Anatomy and Physiology Prep Quiz
Which of the following directiona...,
The left main coronary artery rap...,
A ph of 730 indicates a acidosis ...
50  cards
Quiz 2 - A&P
The movement of a substance again...,
The term inotropy refers to the a...,
Cardiac output is equal to a stro...
50  cards
Quiz 3 - Pathophysiology and Medication Administration
Foreign material such as bacteria...,
Aspirin and nsaids reduce inflamm...,
Cerebrospinal fluid and synovial ...
50  cards
Quiz 4 - Principles of Pharmacology
A paramedic gives a woman with ch...,
A medication that initiates or al...,
Which adrenergic receptor when st...
25  cards
Quiz 5 - Emergency Medicine & Airway Management / Ventilation
A 5 ml prefilled syringe of lidoc...,
The correct dose of iv dextrose f...,
A patient with orthopnea a awaken...
40  cards
Quiz 6 - Patient Assessment
The presence of rhonchi during au...,
The presence of rales during ausc...,
Which of the following statements...
40  cards
Lifespan Development Quiz
The _________ reflex happens when...,
When assessing an older adult s p...,
At 2 months of age an infant shou...
40  cards
Quiz 7 - Trauma & Bleeding
You are treating a 20 year old ma...,
The paramedic s main goal in trea...,
If you suspect internal bleeding ...
35  cards
Quiz 8 - Burns & Face and Neck Trauma
The onset of ___________ soon aft...,
During an explosion a 42 year old...,
The progression of a chemical bur...
30  cards
Quiz 9 - Head and Spine Trauma & Chest Trauma
Dysrhythmias following a myocardi...,
Commotio cordis is a phenomenon i...,
An open pneumothorax causes venti...
40  cards
Quiz 10 - Abdominal Trauma & Orthopaedic Trauma
Generalized abdominal pain follow...,
A ____________ is a padlike sac o...,
When blood is released into the p...
25  cards
Quiz 11 - Cardiac A&P/Assessment
Cardiac related chest pain is oft...,
An electrical impulse is slightly...,
Changes in cardiac contractility ...
35  cards
Quiz 12 - Cardiovascular Emergencies / Arrhythmias
It is most important to evaluate ...,
Bombardment of the av node by mor...,
The pr interval should be no shor...
25  cards
Quiz 13 - 12 Lead
Anatomically contiguous leads vie...,
Lead i views the ________ wall of...,
A diagnosis of acute myocardial i...
15  cards
Quiz - 14 Cardiac Emergency Care & Responding to the Field Code
Defibrillation of a patient who i...,
While applying the defibrillator ...,
Which of the following statements...
35  cards
Block 1
Negative or injurious stress is a...,
Everyday calls are the most dange...,
Dr eugene nagel advanced emergenc...
40  cards
Quiz 15 - Medical & Hematologic
You are transporting a 55 year ol...,
As multiple myeloma progresses th...,
You receive a call to a residence...
30  cards
Quiz 16 - Neurologic and Toxicology
A 56 year old diabetic woman pres...,
You respond to a local motel for ...,
Common signs and symptoms of a ce...
50  cards
Quiz 1 - Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
A 39 year old man with severe deh...,
A 77 year old man with end stage ...,
If a paramedic receives an order ...
35  cards

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