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pathpharm 2 week 1
Define risk factor,
Define relative risk,
In many cases relative risk is mo...
100  cards
Pathpharm 2 week 2
One gene may mask another gene wh...,
The______________ gene s characte...,
The concealed gene is called_____...
79  cards
Patho Test 1 Week 3 Flashcards
Why is the human body a hospitabl...,
What is a symbiotic relationship,
What is an example of a symbiotic...
80  cards
Advanced pathpharm week 5- JENN
Define the term hemodynamics in r...,
Ohm s law q blood flow,
How is blood flow monitored exter...
96  cards
Advanced pathpharm week 6
This disease results in inflammat...,
Infective endocarditis is,
This is a disease in which perman...
72  cards
Advance pathpharm week 6 REVISED
This disease results in inflammat...,
Infective endocarditis is,
This is a disease in which perman...
73  cards
liver1 flashcards
What are 3 digestive functions of...,
Metabolism break down of glucocor...,
True or false if aldosterone is o...
85  cards
Resp flashcards1
What are 2 human behaviors that e...,
What is ventilation,
What is perfusion
122  cards
week 9 part 1 neuro
Define cord concussion,
Define cord contusion,
Define cord compression
65  cards
MedSurg1 test1
There are nine key areas where nu...,
What are the components of the nu...,
This nursing process includes obj...
110  cards
infectious diseases flashcards
What are the s s of infection,
True or false it is normal for an...,
Whould be the s s of an allergic ...
14  cards
Fluid and Electrolytes Part2
What is the purpose of iv therapy,
Water glucose and or electrolytes...,
What are the 2 colloid solutions ...
15  cards
Hematological disorders flashcards (2)
What are 3 examples of anti infec...,
What are the s s that a patient h...,
Name 3 routes for anti fungals
46  cards
End of Life Care
When is a person actually dead,
Define clinical death,
What are 4 causes of death
40  cards
In patients with endocrine disord...,
For patients with endocrine disor...,
Exophthalmos is a classic symptom...
115  cards
GI disorders Flash Cards
What should be included in your g...,
What body parts should be include...,
What are risk factors that can ca...
98  cards
Peds review part II
Which phase consists of 6 substag...,
In this stage children develop a ...,
True or false in the preoperation...
56  cards
review I
What are 3 major causes of death ...,
What is the number one cause of d...,
What should you attain from each ...
96  cards
Peds Flashcards genetics and Prematurity (3)
How many births are preterm,
What are 8 major influences that ...,
In 3rd week what is developed
77  cards
peds neuro cont (1)
Abnormal normal labs for hypothyr...,
Symptoms of hypothyroidism in new...,
What happens if levothyroxine sod...
53  cards
Med Surg Age Related Diseases
Early adulthood 20 40 years,
What age group affects intimacy a...,
Middle adulthood 40 64 years
61  cards
Special cardiac conditions
This complication is defined as t...,
Name 5 underlying conditions that...,
Of people with hf in us
54  cards
What is the leading cause of deat...,
T or f the bulk of mvcs are minor
76  cards
Shock and Trauma
What is the physio response durin...,
What 3 hormones are released duri...,
What is the physio response durin...
41  cards

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