psyc232: clinical and forensic psychology

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Week 1-An introduction to Clinical Psychology
What s clinical psychology,
What methods can be used in clini...,
Give terms for mental health prob...
37  cards
Week 2-Causality in mental distress
Define aetiology or causality,
What are causal attributions,
Why do clinical psychologists dev...
46  cards
Week 3-Classification, Diagnosis and Formulation
What are the purpose and function...,
Name the 2 main diagnostic manuals,
True or false autism and adhd are...
40  cards
Week 4-Personality Disorders
What influences on contemporary p...,
What is the 21st century understa...,
What is the diagnostic classifica...
35  cards
Week 5-Depression
When does depression become clini...,
What is positivism,
What are the historical understan...
37  cards
Week 6-Anxiety
What are 3 behavioural models of ...,
What was pavlov s dogs experiment,
What is operant instrumental cond...
28  cards
Week 7-An Introduction to Forensic Psychology
What are 6 myths about forensic p...,
What is forensic psychology,
There was initial interest in the...
30  cards
Week 8-History & Culture
Who is r v hadfield,
Who s r v mcnaughten 1843,
What was lombroso s 1876 biologic...
22  cards
Week 9-Causal model of Crime
How many people have been impriso...,
Give some examples of crime,
What biological basis for crimina...
35  cards
Week 10-Risk Assessments
What does the criminal justice sy...,
What is a risk assessment,
Define likelihood
40  cards
Week 11-Offender treatment
What is offender treatment define...,
What is the prison population in ...,
What are the reoffending rates
40  cards
Week 2 RF-Recording the Social Determinants of Health
What did stuckler et al 2009 in t...,
What did mcmanus find when invest...,
What did pickett wilkinson 2010 f...
38  cards
Week 3 RF-Psychosis and Early Intervention
What is the context of early inte...,
What are the symptoms of psychosis,
What is the challenge with psychosis
14  cards
Week 4 RF-Insights into aetiology and experiences of schizophrenia
What is schizophrenia,
What are psychotic negative sympt...,
What are the aetiological factors...
27  cards
Week 5-Post-traumatic embitterment disorder (PTED)
What are stressor related disorde...,
What are unjust events and its im...,
Aetiology what is belief in a jus...
13  cards
Week 6 RF-Improving outcomes for OCD
What are the stages in developing...,
What aspects are involved in obse...,
Are advances in treating ocd requ...
18  cards
Week 7 RF-Theories in Probation
What is the history of probation,
What is lola s case study,
What s desistance mcneill 2006
4  cards
Week 8 RF-Culture and Diversity in Forensic and Clinical Practise
Define culture,
Define cultural diversity,
Define cultural bias
14  cards
Week 9 RF-Desistance in Young Offenders
What is the definition of desistance,
How are youth offending services ...,
What are the levels of desistance...
12  cards
Week 10 RF-IIOC
What are the key features of inte...,
What does the internet provide,
Provide some internet statistics
12  cards
Week 11 RF-Treating Disturbed Emotion Regulation in Sexual Offenders
What are the costs of sexual offe...,
What are the risk factors for sex...,
What is sex offender treatment
17  cards

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