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2.1 Neural and Hormonal Systems
Neurotransmitters are released into,
An action potential is comprised ...,
The_____ charge of one section of...
7  cards
2.2 Tools of Discovery, Older Brain Structures, and the Limbic System
Learning Curve 2b. Tools of Discovery, Older Brain Systems, and the Limbic System
15  cards
2.3 The Cerebral Cortex
The posterior of the brain is to ...,
Margaret suffered from a stroke o...,
Steve had a stroke last year alth...
15  cards
Ch.8. Concept Practice: Short-Term Memory Capacity
What is memory,
What is recall,
29  cards
Learning Curve 8a. Studying and Encoding Memories
One way to test memory is to chec...,
It is easier to remember informat...,
Whereas a computer s hard drive m...
11  cards
Learning Curve 8b. Storing and Retrieving Memories
Some of our memories of an emotio...,
A stimulus that facilitates the r...,
Which statement best captures the...
9  cards
PsychSim6 Quiz: Can you trust your memory
Prof chen wants to study memory t...,
When we want to remember somethin...,
Which of the following is not one...
13  cards
LearningCurve 8c. Forgetting, Memory Construction, and Improving Memory
According to freud one reason tha...,
Professional psychologists who sp...,
The more _____ information is in ...
12  cards
LearningCurve 14a. Introduction to Personality and Psychodynamic Theories; Humanistic Theories and Trait Theories
Our characteristic pattern of thi...,
When people are open with their o...,
The big five personality factor _...
21  cards
LearningCurve 14a. Introduction to Personality and Psychodynamic Theories; Humanistic Theories and Trait Theories
Jung adler and horney are the key...,
The _____ is the center of person...,
_____ proposed the social cogniti...
13  cards
LearningCurve 3a. Basic Consciousness Concepts; Sleep and Dreams
Neuroscientists study consciousne...,
Some animals sleep many more or m...,
Those who complain of insomnia ty...
17  cards
LearningCurve 3b. Drugs and Consciousness
A reduction in anxiety pupil cons...,
Twin and adoption studies examini...,
Hallucinations similar to those t...
12  cards
LearningCurve 5a. Development Issues, Prenatal Development, and the Newborn
A study that that follows and ret...,
The embryo period is,
Children of supportive parents ha...
11  cards
LearningCurve 5c. Adolescence
_____ described adolescence as a ...,
In 2016 _____ percent of adults a...,
The part of one s sense of self t...
6  cards
Chapter 6: Sensation and Perception
What is difference threshold,
2  cards
LearningCurve 6b. Vision: Sensory and Perceptual Processing
_____ refers to the level of ener...,
The ability to accurately perceiv...,
The color afterimage effect can b...
11  cards
LearningCurve 6c. The Nonvisual Senses
The cochlea semicircular canals a...,
Primary olfactory cortex is locat...,
What was the conclusion that murr...
18  cards
Class Notes
What is sensation,
Studies of the emotional experien...,
The common tendency in individual...
46  cards

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