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paper two
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Wundt and introspection
What is wundt considered as,
What is introspection,
Strength of wundts introspection
13  cards
psychodynamic approach
Who created the psycho dynamic ap...,
What are the psychosexual stages,
What is the oral stage
38  cards
humanistic approach
Who devised the hierarchy of needs,
What is the order of needs bottom...,
What do we need to do to work up ...
17  cards
behaviorist approach
What are the two types of conditi...,
What is classical conditioning,
What is operant conditioning
16  cards
social learning theory
What is the social learning theory,
Who proposed social learning theory,
What two approaches does this com...
36  cards
biological approach
Assumptions of biological approach,
What is the biological approach,
4 main topics of biological approach
18  cards
cognitive approach
Assumptions of cognitive approach,
What is an internal mental process,
What is a schema
17  cards
biopsychology- systems
What are the two nervous systems,
What are the two main sub divisio...,
What movement is somatic associat...
35  cards
biopsychology- ways of analyzing the brain
What are four ways of analysing t...,
What does fmri do,
Advantages of fmri
11  cards
biopsychology- localisation of function
Name the 4 lobes we study,
What is a lobe,
Where is the motor area
27  cards
biopsychology- lateralisation of function
What is lateralisation of function,
What connects the brain,
What is the left side of the brai...
24  cards
biopsychology- brain plasticity
What is brain plasticity,
What can cause neuroplasticity,
What is axonal sprouting
26  cards
biopsychology - biological rhythms
What is a circadian rhythm,
An example of circadian rhythms,
What are exogenous zeitgebers
48  cards
What are the types of experiments,
What is a quasi experiment,
Lab experiment
69  cards
What is validity,
What is reliability,
How to improve internal validity ...
16  cards
research methods - ethics
What are the ethical issues,
What is deception,
How can we assure deception is no...
11  cards
research methods - MATHS
Evaluate quantitative data,
Evaluate qualitative data,
What is primary data
77  cards
Paper one
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Memory - models of memory
Duration of stm,
Who found the duration of stm was...,
What was peterson and petersons r...
42  cards
memory - Theories for forgetting
What are the explanations for for...,
What does retrieval failure suggest,
What is a cue
22  cards
memory - eye witness testimony
What is a leading question,
Who did research into leading que...,
What was loftus and palmers resea...
28  cards
attatchment - caregiver infant interactions
What is reciprocity,
What is interaction synchrony,
Who researched reciprocity
29  cards
attachment - animals
Who studied monkeys,
Who studied geese,
What was lorenz s aim
12  cards
attachment - learning theory + montropic
According to john locke how are w...,
What is babies prime desire when ...,
What is classical conditioning
26  cards
attachment - types of attachment
Who developed the strange situation,
Aim of strange situation,
Explain the strange situation exp...
21  cards
What countries did it take place in,
When was ijzendoorn and kroonenbe...,
15  cards
Attachment - Bowlbys theory of maternal deprivation
What is the central idea to bowlb...,
Distinction between separation an...,
When is the critical period
15  cards
attachment - effects of institutionalisation
What was rutters sample,
What did rutter do,
What did rutter find
23  cards
attachment - influence of early attachment
What smiths research into bullyin...,
Describe mccarthy research,
Describe hazan and shavers procedure
18  cards
social influence - conformity
What is compliance,
What is identification,
What is internalization
23  cards
SI - ASCH RESEARCH. 1951 +1955
When was asch basline,
What was the procedure of asch ba...,
Increase internal validity reduce...
10  cards
Aim of zimbardo,
What was the procedure of standfo...,
Sample of prison experiment
8  cards
When was imlgrams exp,
What did milgram say the exp was ...
25  cards
social influence - obedience
What is obedience,
What is the agentic state,
What is the agentic shift
26  cards
social influence - explanations for obedience
Findings of uniform variable,
What was uniform variable,
Findings of location variables
18  cards
What are the situational explanat...,
What is meant by agentic state,
Do you feel guilt in agentic state
18  cards
SI - adorno
Adornos aim,
What was adornos sample,
15  cards
SI - Resistance to social influence
What are the reasons people resis...,
For social support what factor me...,
What is the draw back of social s...
22  cards
What is minority influence,
What type of conformity does mino...,
What factors effect a minority in...
19  cards
Stages of social change,
Social cryptomnesia,
Snowball effect
6  cards
psychopathology - definitions of abnormality
What are the definitions of abnor...,
Define statistical infrequency,
Deviation from social norms
17  cards
psychopathology - phobias
Emotional symptoms of phobias,
Cognitive symptoms of phobias,
Behavioural symptoms of phobias
13  cards
psychopathology - Depression
Behavioural characteristics of de...,
Cognitive characteristics of depr...,
Emotional characteristics of depr...
28  cards
psychopathology - OCD
What are behavioural characterist...,
Emotional characteristics of ocd,
Cognitive characteristics of ocd
25  cards
Paper three
0  cards
Eating behaviour - preferences
Describe the basis of the evoluti...,
What is evolution,
What innate food preferences do h...
30  cards
Eating behavior - Biological explanations of eating
What are the biological explanati...,
What is leptin,
What are fat cells named
24  cards
Eating behaviour - Biological explanations for AN
What are the biological explanati...,
Basis for neural explanations,
Basis for genetical explanations
15  cards
Eating behaviour - AN - FST Explanation
How many people suffer with anore...,
What are the symptoms of an,
What characteristics make up an a...
20  cards
Eating behaviour - cognitive and SLT explanations for AN
Evaluate cognitive explanation of an,
What did williamson find and what...,
What did hal
28  cards
Eating behavior - obesity
Biologists explain obesity throug...,
What are concordance rates betwee...,
What was nans research
36  cards
eating behaviour - dieting
Explanation for good diet,
Explanation for diet failure,
Who postulated detail theory
14  cards
forensics - offender profiling
What is offender profiling,
When and who developed the top do...,
How was top down approach developed
44  cards
forensics - atavistic form (biological)
Who devised atavistic form theory,
When was atavistic theory put for...,
What is the main point of atavist...
14  cards
forensics - genetical and neural explanations
Who did researchers of neural exp...,
What is apd,
Function of prefrontal cortex
30  cards
forensics - psychological eysneck
Is eysnecks theory biological or ...,
Who is eysneck,
When was eysnecks theory
17  cards
forensics - psychological - cognitive
What is moral reasoning,
Who was the first to apply moral ...,
What is level one
27  cards
forensics - psychological - psychodynamic
Who is the founder of the psychod...,
For freud what is human behaviour...,
Describe the superego
17  cards
forensics - psychological - differential association
Who put forward differential asso...,
Simply what does the differential...,
What did edwin set out to do
12  cards
forensics - dealing with offending behaviour
What are the methods of dealing w...,
What is custodial sentencing,
What are reasons for cs
49  cards
Relationships - factors affecting attraction
What are the,
Why are people attraccted to symm...,
What is netenous
44  cards
Relationships - sexual selection
What is sexual selection based off,
What is evolution,
What is sexual selection
29  cards
Relationships - theories of romance - SET and Equity
What type of theory is socieal ex...,
What is an economic theory,
Who made set
38  cards
Relationships - theories of romance - investment model
Who made the investment model,
What is rusbults model a developm...,
What things effect commitment
20  cards
Relationships - theories of romance - Ducks phase model
Intro to ducks model,
What is there at each stage,
When do breaks up being
26  cards
Relationships - virtual relationships in media
What is the key question about vi...,
What are the tewo theories,
Who proposed reduced c
24  cards
Relationships - parasocial relationships
What is a parasocial relationship,
What are the levels of parasocial...,
Who made levels of parasocial rel...
19  cards
issues and debates in psychology
What are the debates in psychology,
What issues are central to the id...,
What is an idiographic approach
76  cards
inferential stats
Difference repeated measures ordinal,
Difference independent groups ord...,
Difference repeated measures nominal
9  cards
approaches - assumptions
Assumptions behaviourist approach,
Assumptions on slt,
Assumptions of cognitive psych
4  cards
how to answer exam questions
What are general evaluation points,
How to write an a03 scientific pa...,
A03 practical applications template
7  cards
What is validity,
Assesing v of an exp
12  cards
comparison of approaches
6  cards

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