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Social Study - Milgram
When was the study published,
When was the study carried out,
What is the background of the study
36  cards
Social Study - Piliavin Et Al
When was the study published,
What was the background,
What is bystander apathy
28  cards
Social Study - Bocchiaro et al
What was the desire to achieve gr...,
What is a whistleblower,
What is a research paradigm
48  cards
Social Study - Levine et al
What did anecdotal observation an...,
What did previous studies focus on,
How many cultures did the previou...
46  cards
Developmental Area
What are the defining characteris...,
What aspect of development does t...,
What aspect of development does t...
7  cards
Developmental Study - Bandura
What was the year of publishing,
What was the background or contex...,
What was the aim of the study
34  cards
Developmental study - Kohlberg
What is the psychodynamic perspec...,
What is he behaviourist perspective,
What is jean piaget s account
30  cards
Developmental Study - Chaney et al
What is the background of this study,
What was the positive reinforceme...,
What was the negative reinforceme...
32  cards
Developmental Study - Lee et al
What is an individualistic culture,
What is a collectivist culture,
What is cross cultural research
46  cards
Individual differences area
What the individual differences a...,
What makes the individual differe...,
Strengths of individual differenc...
5  cards
Individual Differences Study - Freud
Background what are the different...,
Background how the unconscious re...,
Background what are the drives
41  cards
Individual Differences Study - Gould
What is the background behind thi...,
What did yerkes say,
What were yerkes aims
33  cards
Individual Differences Study - Baron-Cohen at al
What was the background,
What was the aim,
What was the sample
9  cards
Individual Differences Study - Hancock et al
What are psychopaths,
What is psychopathy seen as,
What is the assessment for psycho...
7  cards
Cognitive - Moray
What was the background,
What is dichotic listening,
What is shadowing
44  cards
Cognitive - Loftus and Palmer
What is the background of this study,
What are leading questions,
What is eyewitness testimony
53  cards
Cognitive Study - Grant
What is the background of the study,
What is context dependent memory,
What is recall memory
39  cards
Cognitive Study - Simons and Chabris
What is inattentional blindness,
What does sustained mean,
What two types of research does s...
36  cards
Biological - Sperry
What was the background,
What does the left control,
What does the right control
19  cards
Biological - Blakemore and Cooper
What was the background of the study,
What is brain plasticity,
What is the aim
31  cards
Biological - Casey et al
What was the background of this s...,
What was the aim of study 1,
What was the sample of study 1
20  cards
Biology Study - Maguire Et Al
What was the background of the study,
What is the aim of the study,
What is the sample of the study
11  cards

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