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Key Words
What is ecological validity munda...,
What is population validity,
What is internal validity
6  cards
Variables and Hypothesis Testing
What is an experiment,
What is an aim,
What is a variable
21  cards
Ethical Issues
Who set up the ethical guidelines,
What are the 10 ethical guidelines,
What is briefing
14  cards
Experimental Research
What are the 4 types of experimen...,
Descibe and evaluate a lab experi...,
Describe and evaluate field exper...
6  cards
Experimental Designs
What are experimental designs,
Describe and evaluate repeated me...,
Describe a
7  cards
Sampling Techniques
What is a sampling technique,
What is random sampling,
Describe and evaluate systematic ...
11  cards
Observational Techniques
What are the 8 types of observations,
Describe and evaluate naturalisti...,
Describe and evaluate controlled ...
11  cards
Self-report Techniques
What are open ended questions,
What are closed ended questions,
What are the 4 types of self repo...
13  cards
What are correlations,
What is the correlation co efficient,
Positive correlation
8  cards
Case Studies
What is a case study,
Example of case study,
Strengths of case studies
5  cards
Content/ Thematic analysis
Content analysis,
Thematic analysis,
4  cards
Validity & Reliability
What are the 6 types of validity,
Internal validity,
Ecological validity
11  cards
Descriptive statistics
What are the types of data,
Primary data,
Secondary data
27  cards
Inferential Statistics
Inferential statistics,
Probability values,
Types of statistical tests
15  cards
Peer Reviewing
Peer reviewing,
Stages of peer reviewing,
4  cards
Structure of a research report
1 title,
8  cards
Implications of psychological research to the economy
How does psychological research c...,
How does pschological research co...,
Psychological contributions to th...
4  cards
Features of Science
Key features,
Emperical method
13  cards
0  cards
Origins in Psychology
Wilhelm wundt,
13  cards
Behaviourist Approach
What is the behaviourist approach,
Classical conditioning,
Pavlov 1937
10  cards
Social Learning Theory
Mediating process,
6  cards
Cognitive Approach
Cognitive approach,
Information processing approach,
11  cards
Biological Approach
Biological approach,
Neurochemical reactions,
Genes and behaviour
19  cards
Humanistic approach
0  cards
0  cards
Research into memory loss
Alzheimer s disease,
3  cards
Multi store model
Multi store model of memory,
17  cards
Working memory model
Working memory model,
Slave systems stores,
Central executive
11  cards
Types of long-term memory
Long term memory,
Episodic memory,
Sematic memory
10  cards
Explanations for forgetting: INTERFERENCE THEORY
Proactive inteference,
Retroactive info
9  cards
Explanations for forgetting: RETRIEVAL FAILURE THEORY
Retrieval failure theory,
What are the 2 types of forgetting,
Context dependent forgetting
11  cards
Eyewitness Testimony
Eyewitness testimony ewt,
General factors affecting ewt,
3 main factors affecting ewt
16  cards
Improving the accuracy of EWT: COGNITIVE INTERVIEW
Cognitive interview,
Report everything,
Reinstating the context
10  cards
1  cards
Definitions of abnormality
4 definitions of abnormality,
Statistical infrequency,
Evaluation statistically infrequency
14  cards
Characteristics of phobias
What are the 2 widely accepted sy...,
3 main types of phobias
16  cards
Explanations of phobias
Behaviourist approach 2 process m...,
Classical conditioning,
9  cards
Treatment of phobias
What are the 2 treatments of phobias,
Systematic desensisitisation,
Anxiety heirachy example
11  cards
Characteristics of depression
Dsm 5 categorises depression like...,
Major depressive disorder,
Persistent depressive disorder
20  cards
Explanations of depression
Cognitive approach,
Beck 1967,
Ellis 1962
8  cards
Treatment of depression
2 treatments of depression,
16  cards
Characteristics of OCD
Behavioural characteristic,
Repetitive compulsions
13  cards
Explanations of OCD
Biological approach,
Genetic explanation,
Neural explanation
8  cards
Treatments of OCD
Drug theapy,
Drug therapy alternatives,
3  cards

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