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Who was the first person to come ...,
What did wundt do,
What techniques din wundt use
5  cards
Behaviourist approach
What are teh assumptions of the b...,
Which are the two learning mechan...,
16  cards
social learning theory
What are the assumptions of the s...,
What is modelling and a role mode,
What type of conformity does it i...
8  cards
cognitive approach
What are the assumption sof the c...,
What is the mental process in whi...,
What is the mental process of sel...
10  cards
What is a social group,
What is a social role,
What are social norms
37  cards
What is authority,
What is obidience,
Describe how proximity of authori...
27  cards
What is resistance to social infl...,
What does resistance to social in...,
How does social support help peop...
22  cards
Science and features of science
What is meant by the term cause a...,
What are the 5 stages of the scie...,
What is the aim
25  cards
issues in psychology research
Whta is meant by validity,
What is a study which lacks validity,
What do we need to make sure of i...
22  cards
effect of extraneous variables
Describe how extraneous variables...,
Describe how extraneous variables...,
What are the 3 ways in which w ec...
11  cards
external validity
What is external validity,
What are the 3 types of external ...,
What is meany by ecological validity
6  cards
What determines how good a sample is,
What do we call a good sample,
What is sampling
19  cards
Ethical issues in psychology.
What is informed consent,
What is deception,
What other break of ethics code d...
6  cards
Types of experiment
What is an experiment,
What is an artificial setting,
What is a controlled environment
15  cards
types of experimental design
What is an experimental design,
In which type of experiments do w...,
Explain the matched pairs design
16  cards
The NON-experimental method
What is a single variable study,
What is a corellational study,
What is a positive corellation
13  cards
Methods of data collection: self report technique
What is data,
What is the self report technique,
What are the two ways in which we...
17  cards
Methods of data collection: observational tecniques
What is an observational technique,
What are the 3 things researchers...,
What is a coontrolled observation
22  cards
pilot studies and peer review
What is a pilot study,
Why dont researchers analyse resu...,
What are the pros of pilot studies
6  cards
types of data
What is quantative data,
What is qualitative data,
What are the 4 types of quantativ...
11  cards
data presentation
What does a frequency graph show,
What do we call the shape of the ...,
What do we always represent on th...
11  cards
primary, secondary data and meta analysis
What is primary data,
What is secondary data,
What are the pros of primary data
9  cards
What is memory and types of memory
What is memory,
What are the three stages of memory,
18  cards
long term memory
What are the 3 main types of long...,
What is an episodic memory,
What is a semantic memory
9  cards
the multistore model
Who came up with the multistage m...,
What are the 3 main assumptions o...,
How is information transferred fr...
8  cards
The Working Memory Model
Who came up with the working memo...,
What are the main assumptions of ...,
What are the main 4 components of...
5  cards
What are the 2 main theories abou...,
What is the interference theory,
What is proactive interference
16  cards
Memory accuracy
What is a false memory,
Which are the 4 main factors that...,
Describe how a memory schema may ...
8  cards
Memory Studies
What did sperling study and escri...,
What did jacobs study investigate...,
What did bahricks study
3  cards

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