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Research Methods
Definition of the experimental me...,
Strengths and limitations of the ...,
Definition of a lab experiment
103  cards
What is obedience,
What is the aim,
What is the sample
10  cards
What is social influence,
What are independent behaviours,
What is defiance
15  cards
What was the aim,
What was a hypothesis,
What were the research methods used
14  cards
What did chaney say about young p...,
What was the aim,
What was the sample
9  cards
Loftus & Palmer
Which area of psychology does lof...,
Which theory did loftus palmer tr...,
What is a schema
15  cards
What was the aim,
What was the sample,
What were the research methods
9  cards
What was the aim,
What was the sample,
What were the ivs
7  cards
What did casey want to investigate,
What 2 groups were the participan...,
What type of experiment was used
16  cards
What is the aim,
What is hemispheric deconnection,
What are the research methods
18  cards
What are some autistic characteri...,
What is theory of mind,
What test was originally used the...
17  cards
Report Writing
0  cards
What is the nickname for the study,
What was the background to the study,
What does bystander behaviour mean
34  cards
What was levine looking at,
What was the aim,
What were the 4 community variables
18  cards
0  cards
Stats Tests
Spearman s rho,
Mann whit
6  cards
What was hancock looking at,
What are the traits of a psychopath,
What did research show about lang...
20  cards
What is determinism,
What do determinists believe,
What are the 5 types of determinism
31  cards
Perspectives & Approaches
What are some assumptions of cogn...,
What are the cognitive studies,
What are some concepts of the beh...
14  cards
Blakemore & Cooper
What were blakemore cooper studying,
What was the background,
What were the aims
8  cards
What did maguire study,
What did maguire want to find out,
What are some examples of hippoca...
15  cards
What does tabula rasa mean,
What did kohlberg believe about u...,
What does morality mean
12  cards
0  cards
0  cards
Simons & Chabris
0  cards

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