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nature vs nature debate
Define the nature side of the app...,
Define the nurture side of the ap...,
How does biology influence the en...
7  cards
drug treatments for anorexia - essay plan
Paragraph 1 ssri ao1,
Paragraph one strength
14  cards
biological explanation of schizophrenia - brain structure essay
Paragraph one ao1,
Paragraph one strength,
Paragraph one ventricles in addition
10  cards
tulvings theory of long term memory
AO1 and AO3
19  cards
the working memory model
AO1 and AO3
16  cards
classical conditioning evaluation
What is the supporting research f...,
Why is research into classical co...,
What is the issue with much resea...
11  cards
operant conditioning evaluation
What is the issue with research o...,
Why is operant conditioning bette...,
What is a practical aplication of...
9  cards
reconstructive memory
What are schemas,
How do schemas influence memory,
What is assimilation
23  cards
multistore model of memory
AO1 and AO3
26  cards
baddeley - cognitive classic study
currently only has the AO1
10  cards
cognitive key question
What is dementia,
What are some of the symptoms of ...,
What is typical age of onset of d...
19  cards
sebastian and hernandes gil
What was the aim,
What was the sample used,
What was the method used
12  cards
psychology paper 1 evaluation - all topics
Agency theory,
Social impact theory,
Brain functioning and structure f...
11  cards
schizophrenia - symptoms and features
What is schizophrenia,
What are the first and second ran...,
What is the diagnostic criteria f...
18  cards
neurotransmitter explanation of schizophrenia
What is the original dopamine hyp...,
What can sensitivity to dopamine ...,
What is the revised dopamine hypo...
14  cards
anorexia - symptoms and features
What is anorexia,
What are some of the diagnostic c...,
What is the restricting type of a...
12  cards
phobias evaluation
What is the practical application...,
What is a supporting study of pho...,
What is an issue with phobias exi...
6  cards
systematic desensitisation evaluation
What makes it easy to measure,
What can be said about the relati...,
Does the treatment treat the root...
5  cards
loftus and palmer
Introduction post event informati...,
What was the aim of study,
Summarise experiment 1
15  cards
factors affecting jury decision making
Paragraph 1 racial bias,
Paragraph 1 strength devine et al,
Paragraph 1 weakness williams and...
12  cards
guardia et al
What was the aim,
Summarise the procedure used,
Describe the characteristics of t...
20  cards
stats test reasons
When do you use a chi squared test,
When do you use a mann whitney u ...,
When do you use a wilcoxon test
5  cards
social causation to explain Sz (non bio explanation)
Paragraph 1 urbanicity,
What is the link between urbanici...
14  cards
assertive community treatment (psychological treatment of Sz)
What is act aim,
Who is act focused on and where a...,
What tasks happen during act
15  cards
token economy for anorexia
What is a token economy programme,
What are some target behaviours t...,
How does the process work
16  cards
learning explanations of anorexia
What are the western ideals for b...,
How does classical conditioning e...,
How does operant conditioning lin...
12  cards
clinical key question
What is schizophrenia ao1,
What are the symptoms of sz that ...,
What are the two current treatmen...
21  cards
clinical practical
What did previous research show a...,
What was the research question,
What was the sample of sources used
15  cards
developmental psychology - clinical
When does schizophrenia develop,
What does the dopamine hypothesis...,
How does brain structure and neur...
16  cards
individual differences in criminal psychology
How could social class matter for...,
Why do labels given to parents ma...,
How can people react differently ...
10  cards
developmental psychology - criminal
How does the self fulfilling prop...,
When does the id develop and how ...,
At what age do we internalise wit...
8  cards
meta analysis
What is a meta analysis,
What is primary data,
What is secondary data
18  cards
goldstein clinical interview
What were the aims of the study,
What was the sample used,
What was data gathered on
19  cards
example case study - luk and agoha
What was the aim,
What was the sample,
What care did she recieve
8  cards
labelling to explain crime
What is a stereotype,
What is prejudice,
What is discrimination
16  cards
self fulfilling prophecy to explain crime
What is the self fulfilling prophecy,
What are the 4 stages that lead t...,
What is the pygmalion effect and ...
11  cards
social learning theory to explain crime
What are the 4 stages of social l...,
Give examples of slt explaining c...,
What is desensitisation
11  cards
pretrial publicity
What is a jury,
What are mock juries,
What are strengths of mock juries
23  cards
peer review process
What is peer review,
Why is peer review important,
What are the three purposes of re...
7  cards

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