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defining mhd (4d's)
What is diagnosis,
What are the four d s,
What is deviance
11  cards
diagnosing mhd (classification systems)
What is a classification system,
What are the two classsification ...,
Who is the dsm published by
35  cards
Definition of schizophrenia,
Features of schizophrenia,
Schizophrenia in the diagnostic m...
12  cards
SZ - neuro explanation
What is dopamine,
What is sz caused by according to...,
What is excess dopamine caused by
13  cards
SZ - genetic explanation
Genes as an explanation of schizo...,
How many genes are linked to schi...,
Which generic variations cause sc...
16  cards
sz non-bio exp
What is the non biological explan...,
What does the social causation hy...,
What are the risk factors in soci...
18  cards
SZ - non-bio treatment
What is the non biological treatm...,
11  cards
SZ - bio treatment
What is the biological treatment ...,
What do antipsychotics do,
How are antipsychotics taken
20  cards
What is the aim of rosenhan s study,
Sample in rosenhan s study,
Describe the procedure in rosenha...
13  cards
What are the aims of carlsson s s...,
What is the method used in carlss...,
Carlsson dopamine hypothesis revi...
16  cards
What is unipolar depression,
What are the symptoms of depression,
What are the features of depression
21  cards
issues with diagnosing depression
Example of comorbidity being an i...
1  cards
bio explanation of depression
What are monoamines,
Examples of monoamines,
What is the biological explanatio...
14  cards
non-bio exp (cognitive) of depression
Beck s theory,
Cognitive distortions,
Ellis abc model
11  cards
What are antidepressants,
How do antidepressants work,
Monoamine oxidase inhibitors maoi s
15  cards
cbt (depression)
Cbt what is it for depression,
Cbt how does it work for depression,
Cbt thought catching for depression
13  cards
williams et al
Describe the aim of william et al...,
Describe the sample used in willi...,
What is the independent variable ...
16  cards
HCPC guidelines
1  cards
clinical key question
What is the clinical key question,
What is culture,
Diagnosis is affected by key ques...
16  cards
State the research question for y...,
What is the aim of our clinical p...,
What is content analysis
15  cards
methods in clinical psych
What are the methods used to rese...,
What is a clinical interview,
What is an example study of a cli...
25  cards
methods - longitudinal
What is a longitudinal study,
Examples of longitudinal studies ...,
What is a strength of longitudina...
4  cards
methods - cross sectional
What is a cross sectional study,
What is an example of a cross sec...,
What is the aim of hyde s study
6  cards
methods - cross cultural
0  cards
methods - clinical interview
0  cards
methods - case studies
What are case studies,
What sort of methods do case stud...,
What type of approach do case stu...
10  cards
methods - meta analysis
0  cards
methods - primary and secondary data
0  cards

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