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Classic Studies Description
What is the name and date of the ...,
What is the aim of the cognitive ...,
Who were the participants in the ...
45  cards
Classic Studies Evaluation
Evaluate the social classic study...,
Evaluate the social classic study...,
Evaluate the social classic study...
31  cards
Issue 1- Practical Issues in the design and implementation of research
What are the practical issues of ...,
In cognitive psychology what are ...,
In cognitive psychology what are ...
27  cards
Issue 2- The role of both nature and nurture in psychology
Explain the difference between th...,
Why is this an issue in society,
Why is this a debate in psychology
13  cards
Issue 3- Socially sensitive research in psychology
What does it mean if research is ...,
Give examples of they type of res...,
Should research that is socially ...
14  cards
Issue 4- Psychology as a science
Why is this an issue,
Why is this a debate,
Define the word empirical
20  cards
Issue 5- Social control
Define the term legitamate power,
Define the term legitamate power,
Define the term expert power
12  cards
Issue 6- Culture and gender
What is meant by the term culture,
What is meant by the term gender,
Why is this an issue in society
11  cards
Issue 7- Development over time
What was the first main branch of...,
What type of psychology was studi...,
What happened from the 1920s
6  cards
Issue 8- Animal ethics
0  cards
Issue 9- Human ethics
0  cards
Issue 10- Psychological knowledge in society
How has cognitive psychology cont...,
How has our knowledge of cognitiv...,
How has episodic memory contributed
16  cards

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