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PATH: Obstructive and Restrictive Lung Disease
List the obstructive lung diseases,
List the restrictive lung diseases,
What are the two divisions of obs...
102  cards
PHYS: Ventilation and Lung Volumes
What is the term for the volume o...,
What is the equation for flow,
What values cannot be measured by...
56  cards
PHYS: Gas Exchange
What is rq,
The respiratory quotient depends ...,
How do you calculate partial pres...
38  cards
PHYS: CO2 Transport and Acid-Base
What are the 3 mechanisms for co2...,
What is the rate limiting step of...,
True or false carbonic anhydrase ...
10  cards
PATHOPHYS: Gas Exchange II
What is the equation for partial ...,
What is the fractional percent of...,
What is the partial pressure of o...
51  cards
PHYS: Pulmonary Blood Flow
Which has a higher pressure the p...,
Why is low pulmonary arterial pre...,
What are the two reasons why bloo...
22  cards
PHARM: Basics of Pulmonary Pharmacology
True or false the lung is more pe...,
What is one of the major issues w...,
How can you minimize thrush due t...
37  cards
PHYS: Control of Breathing
Where is the central respiratory ...,
The central respiratory control c...,
Which of the portions of the cent...
27  cards
What is ards,
Is the hypoxemia associated with ...,
List the 4 criteria for diagnosis...
22  cards
PHARM: Drugs for Asthma/COPD
What do adrenergic agonists do broad,
List 3 non specific adrenergic ag...,
List 2 beta 2 specific agonists w...
56  cards
PATH: Pulmonary Infections
What is pneumonia,
What are the two classifications ...,
How do almost all bacterial pneum...
139  cards
What is copd,
How do you measure airflow limita...,
How do you determine if airflow l...
42  cards
What is asthma,
What group has the highest death ...,
How is asthma classified at diagn...
30  cards
PHARM: Bacterial Infections
What is the most important factor...,
What are the most common causes o...,
Klebsiella pneumoniae most freque...
68  cards
PAHTOPHYS: Restrictive Lung Disease
What is a restrictive lung disease,
What can lead to the restriction ...,
List the 3 characteristics of res...
34  cards
What are some indications for pfts,
What is the lung age,
What are the common pfts that are...
42  cards
PHARM: Fungal Infections
Presentation of candida albicans ...,
Characteristics of candida albica...,
Treatment of candida albicans lun...
40  cards
PHARM: Viral Pneumonia
What is the treatment for influen...,
What is the treatment for influen...,
What is the treatment for rsv
33  cards
PATHOPHYS: Cystic Fibrosis
What portion of the population ha...,
What does the cf gene code for,
Where is the cftr gene located
26  cards
PHARM: Tb Treatment
List some reasons why tb is diffi...,
How do you avoid tb forming resis...,
What is the first line therapy fo...
53  cards
PHARM: Cough Suppressants, Decongestants, Mucolytics
How many phases are there of a cough,
Describe the 3 phases of a cough,
Where are cough receptors located
73  cards
What is otitis media,
What are the important causative ...,
What is the most common predispos...
52  cards
PHARM: Antihistamines
What are the three roles of antih...,
How many histamine receptors are ...,
Which histamine receptors have dr...
29  cards
True or false the majority of pat...,
What is the definition of sepsis,
The rate of sepsis due to what or...
26  cards
PATHOPHYS: Pleural Effusion
What is the visceral pleura,
What is the parietal pleura,
What is the normal volume of the ...
47  cards
PATH: Neonatal, Developmental and Vascular Diseases
What are the 2 broad causes of pu...,
What are some hemodynamic forces ...,
What are some examples of microva...
63  cards
PATH: Pulmonary Neoplasia
What types of neoplasms rarely or...,
True or false lung cancer is the ...,
What is the major risk factor for...
104  cards
PHARM: Lung Cancer
Moa of carboplatin and cisplatin,
Moa of cyclophosphamide,
Moa of docetaxel
71  cards
PHARM: Restrictive Lung Disease
What are the 3 categories of inte...,
What are the 4 most common pneumo...,
How do you treat someone for depo...
41  cards
True or false most drugs used aga...,
What are the 4 main causes of pah,
What is the sine qua non of patie...
39  cards
What are the 2 types of pulmonary...,
What is the definition of pah,
What does having a mean pulmonary...
46  cards
PATHOPHYS: Pulmonary Embolism and DVT
True or false 90 of emboli in pul...,
True or false bronchospasm and wh...,
True or false the reason for hypo...
44  cards
PATHOPHYS: Sleep Medicine
What is the behavioral definition...,
What is normal sleep usually acco...,
How much of every day do we sleep
30  cards
PATH: Illness Scripts
Middle aged any race male smoker ...,
Any age race sex hospital patient...,
Any age race sex smoker with acut...
20  cards

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