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A type ii hypersensitivity reacti...,
Which t cell is the only t cell c...,
Two types of complement pathways
111  cards
What are the 3 chemical classes o...,
Name 8 steroid hormones,
Steroid hormones are a lipid solu...
139  cards
Embryology/Histology Deck 2
Fertilized egg is called,
Fertilized egg after zygote up to...,
After 8 weeks embryo becomes what
46  cards
Stage 0 is a carcinoma in situ an...,
Stage ____ cancer has spread to d...,
Paraneoplastic syndrome adrenocor...
25  cards
Cytokine Storm
Small proteins secreted by a cell...,
__________ aid in regulation of i...,
_____________ stimulate the growt...
17  cards
Components of plasma membrane,
Types of lipids in the plasma mem...,
Functions of the plasma membrane
42  cards
Function of the myelin sheath,
Mitotic activity is lost in most ...,
How many different types of neuro...
95  cards
Immunology continued
Age related decline in immune fun...,
Diseases of immunoglobulin over p...,
Multiple myeloma
15  cards
Substance that provokes and are t...,
Pollen bacteria fungi and viruses,
Immunoglobulin molecule that reac...
118  cards
A1/A2/B1/B2 receptors
A1 receptors,
A2 receptors,
B2 receptors
4  cards
Embryology & Histology
Benign tumors,
Name 3 characteristics of maligna...,
What type of malignancy is mesoth...
26  cards
Somas of sympathetic pre ganglion...,
Axons of sympathetic pre ganglion...,
Somas of sympathetic post ganglio...
26  cards
Endocrine Pathways
Renin angiotensin pathway,
Pth vit d pathway,
Growth hormone pathway
7  cards
Endocrine (Mace)- Exam 2
Endocrine cells differ from neuro...,
___________ are the chemical mess...,
Neurons and endocrine cells are s...
40  cards
Special Senses
Olfactory receptor cells do what,
Supporting cells,
Basal cells
43  cards
Inflammation and Repair (Schoenwald)
In degeneration what are two reve...,
Define atrophy,
What can cause symmetric atrophy
52  cards
Mace Cardiovascular System Lecture 5a (Exam 3)
What is the function of the cardi...,
What are the parts of the cardiov...,
T f arteries and veins are mainly...
128  cards
Witwer CV study guide
Do the coronary arteries fill dur...,
What determines the coronary domi...,
Why can tachycardia cause myocard...
79  cards
Mace Cardiac Lectures 5a-5d
T or f when the ventricles relax ...,
During a normal cardiac cycle whi...,
What is the average cardiac outpu...
40  cards
Hemodynamics study guide- Witwer
Potential energy of blood is a co...,
Intravascular pressure is seconda...,
Pressure arising from cardiac con...
73  cards
Lower Resp tract pathophys Barton Witwer Final
Name the structures in the airway...,
Type one alveolar cells comprise ...,
The respiratory membrane between ...
31  cards
Blood Vessels and Circulation - Mace
The tunica intima of an artery or...,
What comprises the tunica media o...,
Are valves present in veins arter...
34  cards
The Respiratory System - Mace
Respiration consists of which of ...,
What molecule is responsible for ...,
Name the 5 functions of the respi...
44  cards

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