semester 2 exam revision 2023

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English - Death
How much,
Chorus prologue misadventur d,
Tybalt 11 hinds
11  cards
English - Fate/Fortune
Chorus prologue,
Romeo 31,
Friar lawrence 51
6  cards
English - Hate
How much,
Tybalt 11 drawn,
Romeo 11 brawling
7  cards
English - Love
How much,
Romeo 11 favour,
Benvolio 12 swan
10  cards
Commerce - Australia's Legal System
19  cards
Commerce - Australia's Political System
Representative democracy,
20  cards
Commerce - Appellate Jurisdiction
Magistrates court,
County court,
Supreme court
4  cards
Commerce - Original Jurisdiction
Magistrates court criminal,
Magistrates court civil,
County court criminal
9  cards
History - India: Important Stuff
Mughal empire caste system,
2  cards
History - India: Babur
Was babur a native persian,
Who were babur s 2 important desc...,
What happened when he was 11
9  cards
History - India: Akbar the Great
What options did he give to each ...,
Whose great grandson,
What changed with the taxes
7  cards
History - India: Aurangzeb
What did he do,
What did he think of akbar,
What happened when aurangzeb took...
4  cards
History - India: Sikhism
Is it an old or new religion,
Where did the majority of sikhs live,
What religions influenced sikhism
9  cards
History - India: Caste System
Who were the brahmin,
Who were the kshatriya,
Who were the vaishya
9  cards
History - India: Religions/Empires
5  cards
History - India: Government System
Highest 1,
Second highest 2,
Middle 3
9  cards
Science - Chemistry: Atomic Structure
Atomic number
26  cards
Science - Chemistry: Electronic Configuration
Electron shells,
Valence shell,
Valence electrons
6  cards
Science - Chemistry: Important Groups
Group 1,
Group 2,
Group 17
8  cards
Science - Chemistry: Ionic Bonding
Ionic bonding,
Metals and non metals,
Naming ionic compounds
6  cards
Science - Chemistry: Ion Tests
Flame test,
Flame test results,
Hydroxide test
10  cards
Science - Body Coordination: 7.2
Central nervous system,
Peripheral nervous system,
Neuron composition left to right
18  cards
Science - Body Coordination: 7.3
Types of reactions,
Cellular respiration
17  cards
Science - Body Coordination: 11.2
Sensation vs perception,
Three types of memory,
Three ways of memorising
10  cards
Science - Tectonic Plates
What makes up the lithosphere,
What makes up the asthenosphere,
What makes up the outer core
24  cards
17  cards
French - Everything :P
I have spent,
We pitched a tent
129  cards
French - Important Words
20  cards
French - Past Participles
Voir auxiliary,
Faire auxiliary,
Prendre pp
18  cards
French - Phrases
I have spent,
We pitched a tent,
We arrived
59  cards
French - Verbs
To go surfing,
To taste,
To see
30  cards

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