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Chapter 10 -Imperialism
Why did america become imperialistic,
Who was alfred manhan,
Who was william seward
44  cards
Chapter 6
How did natural resources help bo...,
Who found oil,
Who found steel
29  cards
Chapter 7
Mmigrants entered the united stat...,
European immigrants,
Chinese and japanese
44  cards
Chapter 8/9
African americans exercised their...,
What were racial segregation laws,
Plessy vs ferguson
71  cards
Chapter 11
Fourteen points,
League of nations
76  cards
Chapter 12
After the war what,
How did soldiers get their jobs back,
What happened to the cost of livi...
44  cards
Chapter 13Lesson 1
In 1920 census how many americans...,
At the beginning of the 1920s wha...,
For small town migrants adapting ...
35  cards
Chapter 13 Lesson 2
During the 1920s what new ideal f...,
What was t,
What did flappers wear
23  cards
Harlem Renaissance
During the 1920s what did african...,
What is a common phrase,
Between 1910 and 1920 what happened
23  cards
Chapter 14
Even though,
Why did so many industries struggle,
What industry suffered the most
48  cards
Chapter 5
What happened to farmers,
What was happeneing to the prices...,
What were railroads doing
26  cards
Final Terms
Advance a cause,
34  cards
Who won the 1932 presidential ele...,
Who was fdr,
Although fdrs inaguration was not...
22  cards
What was the 2nd hundred days,
Was the nd popular,
What did roosevelt provide during...
16  cards
Although the 1930s was a difficul...,
Sales of radios,
What types of movies were a hit d...
21  cards
15.4 (Actually 15.3)
The new deal represented what for...,
Frances perkins was,
What did elenear
28  cards
What did roosevelt want to launch...,
What did fdr not favor and what h...,
What did roosevelt face from cong...
13  cards
Chapter16 Dictators Threaten World Peace
What sowed the conflicts leading ...,
What did the treaty of versailles do,
The treaty of versailles
134  cards
Chapter 17.1
What did japan attack the united ...,
What motivated the united states ...,
After pearl harbor eager young am...
42  cards
Chapter 17.2
Now that we are as you say in the...,
What did winston churchill and fd...,
After pearl harbor
58  cards
What did the japanese miss in the...,
What did japan do in the first 6t...,
In the phillippiense 80 000 ameri...
28  cards
17.4 The Homefront
In contrast to the gd what was wwii,
Unemployment fell how much,
What rose
14  cards
Chapter 18.2 The Cold War Heats Up
For 2 decades what happened in china,
Who was the leader of the chinese...,
What was the nationalist governme...
36  cards
The Cold War at Home
How many americans claimed loyalt...,
What did anti communist republica...,
What was teh federal employee loy...
39  cards
Chapter 18.4 Two Nations Live on the Edge
What was not common until the eus...,
In1949 what decision did truman h...,
What were facts about the hydroge...
59  cards
Chapter 18.1 Origins of the Cold War
What were the differences between...,
Under soviet communism what happened,
Under capitalistic america what h...
35  cards
Chapter 19.2
During the 1950s what expanded,
By 1956 what jobs did most americ...,
Unlike blue collar workers indust...
52  cards
Popular Culture (19.3)
What was mass media,
Television developed with,
What were some facts about tv
47  cards
Wat did post war america not live...,
Who was living below the pverty leve,
In the 1950s what did white ameri...
28  cards
In 1960 president eisenhower s 2n...,
What did d kennedy promise,
What did v p richard nixon build ...
88  cards
Kennedy set out to transofrm his ...,
Kennedy said that we stand of the...,
Jfk had_ turning his vision into ...
33  cards
great society
By the time lydon baines johnson ...,
Where did lbj grow up,
What was the situatio nwhith the ...
66  cards
Great Society
Tax reduction act,
Economic opportunity act,
Medicare act
24  cards
Taking On Segregation
Segregated buses might have never...,
What did the civil rights act 187...,
In 1883 what did the supreme cour...
34  cards
Chapter 22.1 Vietnam
When did american s involvement i...,
Befre the war france had ruled vi...,
Vietnam had resisted _____ occupa...
59  cards
24.1 Richard Nixon :P
When was richard nixon elected,
Who was nixon s special advisor o...,
What is one important thing that ...
97  cards
Watergate NIxon's Downfall
What did the watergate scandal ce...,
When do historians believe waterg...,
When richard nixon took office wh...
57  cards
Environmental Activism
What began in the 1960s,
What did silent spring do,
Who published silent spring and w...
40  cards
The Ford Carter Years
What nightmare pursued insted,
To many what was gerald ford,
After becoming
53  cards
A Conservative Movement Emerges
Ever since senator barry goldwate...,
Entitlement programs,
By 1980 how much had th governmen...
33  cards
Conservative Poliicies Under Reagan and Bush
As sppm as reagan took office wha...,
What did reagan s strategy for do...,
What were programs that remained ...
37  cards
Taking on Segregation
Segregated buses might have never...,
What did the civil rights act of ...,
In 1883 what did the supreme cour...
72  cards
The Triumphs of a Crusade
What were the freedom rideers,
What did teh riders hope for,
What happened at alabama
55  cards
Challenges and Changes of the Civil Rights movement
By 1965 what happened,
De facto segregation,
De facto segregation
54  cards
Vietnam Section 2
Much of the nation,
In 1965,
Even after congress apporved the ...
45  cards
Vietnam Section 3
What did the year 1968 begin with,
What is 1 30,
How did villagers take advantage ...
25  cards

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