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Term for ee above resting rate po...,
What is relative vo2max,
Formula for calculating vo2max
216  cards
What is the psychological core,
What are typical responses,
What is role related behaviour
115  cards
Sin of an angle,
Cos of an angle,
Tan of an angle
24  cards
Physiology Test (Semester 1 Year 1)
What is the resting cardiac outpu...,
When does the sympathetic system ...,
How does blood move from the lung...
110  cards
Psychology Test (Semester 1 Year 1)
4 cs of sport and exercise psycho...,
Three roles of sport and exercise...,
1893 1920 period of sport and exe...
58  cards
Sport the Body and Society
What is the sport ethic,
Hughes and coakley 1991 what are ...,
What is athletic identity
8  cards
Integrated & Applied Studies
Why is it difficult to measure ho...,
What did original pedometers do,
What did early hip worn pedometer...
35  cards
SES - Creating and Understanding Data
Why are figures graphs important ...,
What do scientists do so that eve...,
Example of a convention to follow
39  cards
Primary focus of s e biomechanics,
What is the study of time and spa...,
36  cards
SES - Quantitative Research
What are the 2 types of scientifi...,
Quantitative research,
Qualitative research
42  cards
SES - Descriptive Stats
Standard deviation,
Nominal data
60  cards
Biomechanics - Intro to Video Data Collection
Knudson 2013 four task model,
Example for deterministic model w...,
Example for deterministic model h...
33  cards
STB&S - Socialisation and Sport
Socialisation eitzen and sage 1987,
Socialisation craig 2016,
What does nature argue in relatio...
33  cards
SES - Inferential Stats
Left skewed,
Right skewed,
Descriptive stats
20  cards
I&A - Reflective Learning & Reflective Practise 2
Reflective practice dewey 1910 p6,
What does reflective practice ena...,
What is reflecting on the study e...
15  cards
Physiology - Measurement of Anaerobic Performance
The higher the power the,
A 03 1 difference in athletic per...,
Through what methods can we measu...
32  cards
Psychology - Principles of Motor Control and Movement Accuracy
What do performers adjust to prod...,
Examples of parameter values for ...,
When the same movement or techniq...
6  cards
Physiology - Respiratory System: Structure & Function
9 components of the respiratory t...,
How many alveoli are there diamet...,
What determines airflow into and ...
30  cards
SES - Statistical Tests of Differences
What are interpreting results bas...,
What are interpreting results use...,
Discussions form experiments can ...
41  cards
Biomechanics - Gait Analysis 1
What is gait,
Bipedal locomotion,
There are a number of general pri...
40  cards
Psychology - Sensory Contributions
Schmidt wrisberg degrees of freed...,
How can we think of controlling d...,
Schmidt motor program defintion 1...
30  cards
Physiology - Respiratory System: Control & Responses to Exercise
Where are central chemoreceptors ...,
Where is the respiratory centre l...,
What is the respiratory centre ma...
26  cards
Physiology - Assessment of & Adaptations to Anaerobic Training
Anaerobic metabolism can be measu...,
Fatigue index formula
2  cards
Sport TB&S - Threshold Concepts
Athletic identity
21  cards
Biomechanics - Biomechanical Principles 2
What have different authors propo...,
What can the movement principles ...,
Examples of authors who have writ...
79  cards
SES - Tests of relationships
What 2 things are related to the ...,
Which 3 things are related to mar...,
What is the cross sectional area ...
24  cards
Biomechanics Test - Lees & Robinson (2015) Principles
How many principles in total,
How many speed s principles,
How many force f principles
22  cards
Biomechanics Test - T1
The primary focus of sport and ex...,
The study of the time and space c...,
The hip is proximal to thethe sho...
59  cards
Biomechanics Test - T2
Which type of joint allows for th...,
Between the bones of the cranium ...,
Which kind of joint permits triax...
24  cards
Biomechanics Test - T3
A muscle in which the fascicles a...,
During extension of the thigh aro...,
Flexion of the forearm at the elb...
24  cards
Biomechanics Test - T4
What is the relationship between ...,
To determine the length of a mome...,
For any given muscle the moment a...
11  cards
Physiology Final Exam
Vasodilation what does it do,
Vasoconstriction what does it do,
41  cards
Psychology Quizzes Year 2 Semester 1
____________________ reflect how ...,
___________________ reflects an i...,
_________________ reflects an ind...
27  cards

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