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Beta lactams mechanism,
Bacitracin vancomycin mechanism,
Tmp sulfonamides mechanism
71  cards
Binds cyclophilins inhibits activ...,
Binds fk binding protein inhibits...,
Inhibits mtor prevents t cell dif...
20  cards
What part of sympathetic nervous ...,
What prevents release of nt at al...,
System receptor g protein increas...
59  cards
Diuretics ace inhibitors angioten...,
Diuretics ace inhibitors angioten...,
Ace inhibitors angiotensin ii rec...
42  cards
Treatment strategy includes low s...,
Treatment strategy includes dieta...,
Bind insulin receptor tyrosine ki...
19  cards
Reversible h2 receptor block decr...,
P450 inhibitor antiandrogenic eff...,
Decreases h secretion by parietal...
18  cards
Cofactor for activation of antith...,
Se s bleeding thrombocytopenia os...,
Igg antibodies against heparin bo...
14  cards
Interferes with s phase 2,
Interferes with g2 phase 2,
Interferes with m phase 2
33  cards
Muscle, Skin, Connective Tissue
The lipoxygenase pathway yields what,
Which leukotriene is a neutrophil...,
Which leukotrienes 3 cause bronch...
20  cards
Decrease aqueous humor synthesis ...,
Alpha agonist decreases aqueous h...,
Beta blockers 3 decrease aqueous ...
51  cards
Alcohol withdrawal,
Anxiety 3,
31  cards
Acts on proximal convoluted tubule,
Acts on proximal straight tubule,
Acts on loop of henle sulfonamide
25  cards
Gnrh analog pulsatile agonist for...,
Androgen receptor agonists 2 hypo...,
5 alpha reductase inhibitor decre...
20  cards
Reversible h1 inhibitors 3 allerg...,
Reversible h1 inhibitors 4 allerg...,
Beta 2 agonist bronchial sm relax...
16  cards
Classic Treatments
Abscence seizures,
Acute gout attack,
Acute promyelocytic leukemia m3
92  cards
Acetaminophen od,
Amphetamine od
22  cards
20  cards
Drug Reactions
Cocaine sumatriptan ergot alkaloids,
Vancomycin adenosine niacin ca ch...,
Doxorubicin adriamycin daunorubicin
44  cards
Helpful Hints Hheheh
Anti muscarinic effects,
Anti adrenergic effects
2  cards

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