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Anatomical Terminology
Coronal or frontal plane,
Transverse or cross sectional plane,
Sagittal or median
52  cards
Respiratory System
What is the main function of the ...,
What is ventilation,
Passageway of air during inhalation
61  cards
Abdominal Regions Of Body And Underlying Organs
Right hypochondriac abdominal reg...,
Left hypochondriac region includes
37  cards
Circulatory System
What is the function of the circu...,
What is cellular respiration,
What is oxygens function in the c...
16  cards
Cardiovascular System
Cardiovascular system is made up of,
The cardiopulmonary system is mad...,
How many layers does the heart have
70  cards
Perimeter of a triangle,
Area of a triangle,
Area of a trapezoid
22  cards
Digestive System
Saliva contains,
Salivary amylase function,
Lingual lipase
70  cards
Digestive System: Pancreas, Intestines, and Elimination
What the pancreas for in digestion,
Pancreas location,
Pancreas function
40  cards
Enteric Nervous System
Enteric nervous system characteri...,
Enteric nervous system operates,
Enteric nervous system divided into
13  cards
Nervous System
Nervous system divided into two,
Central nervous sytem structure,
Central nervous system function
18  cards
What are the three body planes,
What is the difference between me...,
What does proximal mean and what ...
150  cards
What is the difference between th...,
What are supporting details and w...,
What should an effective summary ...
16  cards
Science Questions
What is the location of the trach...,
Which of the following substances...,
In respiration air is
23  cards
US Customary System
1 ft to in,
1yd to ft,
1 mi to ft
7  cards
Metric System Prefixes
Tetra t,
Giga g,
Mega m
11  cards
teas prep
Hypothalamus endocrine function,
Pineal gland endocrine function,
Pituitary gland endocrine function
330  cards
English TEAS
When do you drop the e when addin...,
When do you keep an e if adding a...,
Double the final consonant of a w...
37  cards
Unit Conversions
1 yd,
20  cards
Primary organ of the urinary system,
What are the kidneys structures,
Urinary system is composed of
34  cards
Respiratory system
Upper respiratory tract includes,
Lower respiratory tract begins at,
Right side of the lungs has _____...
21  cards
Integumentary System
Dermis contains,
Sebaceous glands
13  cards
Reproductive system
Lydia s cells,
Sertoli cells,
Skene s glands
11  cards
Muscular system
Z line,
How do muscle fibers shorten duri...,
What is the role of acetocholine ...
38  cards
Immune system
What happens when in case of a la...,
What cells function as antigen pr...,
28  cards
Math Formulas
Surface area of sphere,
Volume of cylinder,
Surface area of sphere
8  cards
Lymphatic system
Main function of lymphatic system,
Major functions of lymph vascular...,
Lymphoid organs include
5  cards
Cell structure, function, and organization
What is a cells 3 main parts,
Organelles function,
Smooth endoplasmic reticulum func...
31  cards
Prefix and suffix
Tion or ation
15  cards

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