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Chapter 1 - Arterial System Anatomy
Collect blood from venules and re...,
These are considered resistance v...,
Nutrients and waste products are ...
70  cards
Chapter 2- Arterial Hemodynamics
Where in the body is pressure the...,
Movement of any fluid medium betw...,
The amount of flow moving through...
93  cards
Chapter 3- Physician Principles of Doppler
What is the 13 second rule important,
What is the average speed of us t...,
What is the doppler shift remembe...
30  cards
Chapter 4- Arterial Pathology
What is the most common arterial ...,
In atherosclerosis in what layer ...,
What is the most common symptom i...
57  cards
Chapter 5- LEA Duplex Imaging
What are the two places within a ...,
If there is a 2 1 ratio increase ...,
If there is a 4 1 ratio increase ...
13  cards
Chapter 6 Aorta Iliac Artery Duplex Imaging
What is the aneurysm rule aka wha...,
Supra renal aneurysms are very co...,
An aaa that is in the shape of a ...
10  cards
Chapter 7 - Upper Extremity Artery Duplex Imaging
On a physical examination for an ...,
What are the 6 ps for acute arter...,
What is the hammer hand syndrome ...
9  cards
Chapter 8 -Doppler Waveform Analysis
Continuous wave doppler uses how ...,
With cw doppler you are able to b...,
Pertaining to continuous wave dop...
18  cards
Chapter 9- Segmental Pressures
If there is a pressure drop betwe...,
Is the systolic ankle pressure us...,
When a patient is in a cold room ...
24  cards
Chapter 10 -Exercise Testing
What is the most common symptom o...,
Patients with mild to moderate di...,
What is an example of pseudo clau...
12  cards
Chapter 11- Plethysmography
What part of the limb is photo pl...,
What part of the limb is volume p...,
Can we do plethysmography on a di...
5  cards
Chapter 12-Digit Plethysmography and Pressure
What is digit photo plethysmography,
Explain the process of photo plet...,
Digit photo plethysmography can d...
5  cards
Chapter 13- Penile Duplex Imaging
What are the important vessels of...,
If theres limited flow the penis ...,
A penile brachial index of 065 is...
8  cards
Chapter 14- Arterial Duplex Following Intervention
What is bypass grafting used for,
Aorta bifermoral bypass grafts ar...,
The femoral popliteal bypass graf...
31  cards
Chapter 15- Misc Conditions/Tests
The compression of nerves arterie...,
What is thoracic outlet syndrome ...,
The different types of thoracic o...
46  cards
Chapter 16 - Visceral Artery Duplex
If a patient comes in with dull a...,
Does a patient need to be fasting...,
When doing a mesenteric study wha...
44  cards
Chaoter 17- Hemodialysis Access Eval
What is dialysis,
How does the process of dialysis ...,
Dialysis is made possible thru th...
15  cards
Chapter 18- Cerebrovascular
What vessel supplies the back of ...,
The vertebral artery is the first...,
What are the vessels of the aorti...
37  cards
Chapter 19 - Cerebrovascular Duplex
0  cards
Chapter 20- Misc Diagnostic Test
What are three pathologies that c...,
Employs a stron magnetic field an...,
Employs an xray to obtain cross s...
4  cards
Chapter 21- Transcranial Dopplers
The opthalmic artery branches off...,
The frontal artery arises from wh...,
The frontal artery supplies what ...
61  cards
Hard Study Questions
Celiac artery compression stenosi...,
The arc of rolan can serve as a c...,
What acceleration time in a ras s...
234  cards

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