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Carotid Stenosis
What normal flow abnormality can ...,
Which vessel has highest diastoli...,
What are normal blood flow veloci...
44  cards
What are indications for aortouni...,
What are alternatives to cta in p...,
Where and how should neck measure...
28  cards
What is the crawford classification,
Things to ask when imaging aorta,
What are the indications for surg...
29  cards
Leg Anatomy
What nerve runs alongside the ant...,
What structures are found in the ...,
What are the branches of the popl...
5  cards
Chap 108-109 Aorto-iliac Dz
What are symptoms of ai dz,
What collateral network supplies ...,
What are signs and symptoms of bl...
108  cards
Chap 115 Popliteal disease
What is adventitial cystic disease,
Where is most common locations,
What age sex predominance
26  cards
Chap 125-128 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
What is tos,
What is usual age of onset,
Is there a sex predominance why
70  cards
Abdominal Ultrasound
How does the normal aortic dopple...,
What are normal size measurements...,
What is normal length of the kidn...
12  cards
Chap 65-67 Lymphedema
What is the difference b w high i...,
What is lymphedema,
What is the major classification ...
26  cards
Chap 161-163 ALI + Compartment Syndrome
What are the major two causes of ...,
What is compartment syndrome,
What is secondary compartment syn...
39  cards
What are the zones of the rp,
What are symptoms of rp hematoma,
What are findings on exam of rp h...
9  cards
Chap 140 UE Aneurysm
What are causes of arch vessel an...,
What of patients with arch vessel...,
What are most common causes of su...
18  cards
Chap 73-77 Vascular Access
What is the 1 year mortality for ...,
What are the svs guidelines for s...,
Why wait 4 6 months before initia...
52  cards
Thoracic Aneurysms
What are the structural elements ...,
What is the mutation of marfans e...,
What are the three systems involv...
15  cards
Chap 144-148 Renal Artery Stenosis/Aneurysm
What is the natural hx of ras,
How many patients have bilateral ...,
What factors are associated with ...
68  cards
Chap 130-133 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
What is definition of aneurysm,
What is ectasia,
What is arteriomegaly
62  cards
Chap 139 LE aneursyms
How often is fa aneurysm bilat ot...,
What diseases are associated with...,
How often to pseudoaneuryms of fa...
28  cards
Chap 97 Carotid Disease
What are rf for stroke,
What is risk of stroke after tia ...,
What are high risk features on du...
80  cards
Chap 49 DVT
What are rf for dvt,
What of sympto dvt have pe,
What is post thrombotic syndrome ...
50  cards
Exam Questions
Name histological findings of sca...,
List causes of emboli in ali,
8 name 3 groups that should be sc...
54  cards
Chap 149 Acute Renal Ischemia
What is the natural history of ac...,
What are the symptoms of renal ve...,
What is the classic triad for ren...
9  cards
Chap 150 Renovascular Anomalies
What is middle aortic syndrome,
Where is mas most often located,
What are associated disorders wit...
10  cards
Chap 83 Wound Care
List causes of non healing wounds...,
What are the stage of normal woun...,
Describe the inflammatory phase
26  cards
Chap 85 CRPS
What are cause of crps,
What does complex imply,
What does regional imply
9  cards
Chap 69 Vascular Anomalies
What is the first order classific...,
What is the sub classification of...,
What is the sub classification of...
25  cards
Chap 5 + 6 Atherosclerosis & Intimal Hyperplasia
What component sod the vessel wal...,
Name products secreted by the end...,
Describe the formation of an athe...
11  cards
Chap 27 Smoking
List mechanism of adverse cv effe...,
Name different smoking cessation ...,
Which treatments are prove to wor...
18  cards
Chap 7 Ischemia Reperfusion
What is the main cause of injury ...,
Describe how ischemic injury occurs,
What are the main causes of injur...
12  cards
Chap 92-96 Grafts and Stents
What manoeuvres can improve svg l...,
What are advantages disadvantages...,
What are advantages disadvantages...
49  cards
Chap 123 Occupational
What occupational vascular syndro...,
What are symptoms of havs,
How is diagnosis made of havs
24  cards
Chap 122 Raynauds
What is the cause of primary rayn...,
What are connective tissue causes...,
What drugs can cause secondary ra...
24  cards
Chap 82 ED
Describe the mechanism of an erec...,
Describe the blood supply to the ...,
What nerve supply is interrupted ...
11  cards
What is moa of asa,
What is moa of plavix,
Name three thienopyridines
12  cards
Chap 43-46 Anastomotic aneurysm, AEF, Graft Thrombosis and Endovascular
List local factors associated wit...,
List systemic factors associated ...,
What are indications for treatmen...
45  cards
Chap 84 86 Acquired AVF and Spine exposure
What incision best for t3 t6 t7 12,
What are different approaches to ...,
What are different methods of acq...
13  cards
Chap 87-91 Open Endovascular Technique
List occlusive clamps,
List partially occluding clamps,
List self compressing clamps
43  cards
Chap 102/147 FMD
What is fmd,
What are complication of carotid ...,
What is the most common pathophys...
20  cards
Chap 55-56 CVI General Considerations
What conditions contribute to ven...,
What does normal venous pressure ...,
What are primary and secondary ca...
40  cards
Chap 57-58 CVI Treatment
What are compression indications,
What is recommendation for surgery,
What are recommendation for treat...
13  cards
Chap 10-12 Arterial and Venous Physiology
Name the superficial veins of the le,
Name the superficial veins of the ue,
What is dynamic pressure
32  cards
Chap 61-62 Iliocaval Occlusion
Name causes of venous occlusion,
What is perthes test,
What are test for deep venous occ...
32  cards
Chap 63-65 SVC Reconstruction and Venous Tumors
What are most common cause of svc...,
What are most common symptoms of ...,
What are some less frequent symptoms
38  cards
Chap 81 Arterial Tumors
List primary aortic tumors,
What is the classification of art...,
What are features of polypoid tum...
10  cards
Chap 86 Acquired AVF
What are causes of aavf,
What are features of spontaneous avf,
Where does carotid fistulize to
14  cards
Chap 78 Vasculitis
What are rf for tao,
What are features of the chronic ...,
What are features of the intermed...
11  cards
Chap 151-154 Mesenteric
In embryology what gives rise to ...,
In embryology what gives rise to ...,
In embryology what gives rise to ...
43  cards
Chap 155-160 Vascular Trauma
What is the equation for impact k...,
What kind of injuries can occur f...,
What are principles of management...
33  cards
Chap 80 Takayasu
What is takayasu s,
What are proposed aetiologies of ...,
What is histology of ta
10  cards
Chap 117 LE and UE Amputations
When to consider primary le amput...,
What is 30d mortality for bka,
What are amputations used in infe...
21  cards
Chap 105 Brachiocephalic Disease
What are common brachicephalic an...,
What are symptoms of vertebrobasi...,
What are indications for revascul...
8  cards
Chap 38 Coagulation
List naturally occurring thrombop...,
What are the most congenital thro...,
What are acquired thrombophilias
17  cards
Chap 27 Radiation
List examples of non ionizing rad...,
List examples of ionizing radiation,
What is absorbed dose
14  cards
Chap 141 Splanchnic Aneurysms
What are some common cause of spl...,
What are the most common aneurysms,
Which have the highest rupture rate
14  cards

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