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Host-Pathogen Interactions
What are koch s postulates,
What is the relevance of koch s p...,
What influences host pathogen int...
24  cards
Introduction to Virology
Do viruses have a metabolic syste...,
What cells do viruses infect,
What type of genome do viruses have
51  cards
Viral Respiratory Disease
Who is feline rhinotracheitis com...,
What signs are associated with fe...,
What are the four forms of feline...
105  cards
Gastrointestinal Tract Viral Disease
What are the forms of feline panl...,
What is the most common form of p...,
What is seen in peracute panleuko...
121  cards
Systemic Viral Disease
Are rna or dna viruses more error...,
What is bluetongue virus,
Who does bluetongue virus affect
90  cards
Genitourinary Disease
What does porcine reproductive an...,
What is currently the most econom...,
Describe the porcine respiratory ...
29  cards
Viral Neurological Disease
What signs are associated with ca...,
Which cells does canine distemper...,
What signs are associated with ca...
69  cards
Integumentary Disease
What cell types are affected by p...,
Does equine sarcoid metastasize,
What are the main reservoirs of b...
48  cards
Introduction to Bacteria and Bacterial Diseases
What are the three bacterial shapes,
What are some cocci,
What does thee bacterial capsule do
49  cards
What is a common cause of skin in...,
What does staphylococcus look lik...,
What is pus
16  cards
Is streptococcus suis or streptoc...,
Is streptococcus porcinus or s su...,
What causes strangles in horses
17  cards
Rhodococcus and Corynebacterium
What does rhodococcus look like u...,
What are two organisms that cause...,
Where does rhodococcus replicate
15  cards
Listeria and Erysipelothrix
What does listeria monocytogenes ...,
What are the reservoirs of lister...,
What are the common modes of tran...
42  cards
Anthrax, Tetanus, Botulism
What are the forms of anthrax,
Who is the peracute form of anthr...,
Who is the acute subacute form of...
53  cards
Gram Positive Anaerobic Bacteria
What are some types of disease ca...,
What is characteristic of anaerob...,
What are the 6 major toxins of cl...
44  cards
What is spirochetosis,
What domestic animal diseases are...,
How do spirochetes gram stain
25  cards
Curved Bacteria: Lawsonia, Helicobacter, Campylobacter
What pathogen causes porcine prol...,
What is the morphology and appear...,
How prevalent in lawsonia intrace...
37  cards
Diseases Due to Gram Negative Rods I
What shape do enterobacteruaceae ...,
What are the major pathogens in t...,
How does lipopolysaccharide lps t...
56  cards
Diseases Due to Gram Negative Rods II
What are the yersinia species of ...,
What is the appearance of yersini...,
What infections does yersinia cause
43  cards
Diseases Due to Gram Negative Rods III
What are the symptoms of salmonel...,
Do opportunistic enterobacteriace...,
What are the virulence factors of...
34  cards
Diseases Due to Gram Negative Rods IV
What is the appearance of pasteur...,
Are pasteruellaceae motile,
How stable are pasteurellaceae in...
51  cards
Diseases Due to Gram Negative Rods V
How aree actinobacillus dicheloba...,
Where is actinobacillus spp a com...,
Is actinobacillus spp stable in t...
44  cards
Intracellular Bacteria
Where does the family chlamydiace...,
The infectious extracellular form...,
One internalized the bacteria rem...
32  cards
Intracellular Bacterial Pathogens part 2
Where do ehrlichiaea replicate,
Ehrlichia canis is transmitted by...,
What does neorickettsia helmintho...
56  cards
Mycobacterial Diseases
How do cattle get mycobacteria spp,
What is the hallmark of mycobacte...,
What are some common themes of al...
34  cards
Diseases Due to Filamentous Bacteria
How do actinobacteria gram stain,
Are actinobacteria opportunistic ...,
What causes lumpy jaw in cattle
52  cards
Introduction to Fungi and Superficial Mycoses
How do fungi reproduce,
Are molds multicellular or unicel...,
What does it mean that a fungus i...
38  cards
SQ, Deep, and Systemic Mycoses
Can pulmonary fungi cause systemi...,
How does infection by blastomycos...,
What is the typical blastomycosis...
43  cards
Mycoses in Wildlife
What does pseudogymnoascus destru...,
Which bats did pseudogymnoascus d...,
When does
45  cards

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