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Anatomy & Physiology
What are 5 functions of bones,
What are 5 types of bones give an...,
What is meant by the term appendi...
93  cards
Urinalysis & Hematology
Why should urine be stored in an ...,
Deterioration of components may o...,
Ideally urinalysis should be perf...
57  cards
Which parasites fall under the ca...,
What are 4 tests with which you c...,
What are 2 tests commonly perform...
24  cards
Clinical Chemistry
Ast alt bilirubin bile acids and ...,
Crea bun specific gravity of urin...,
Glucose urine glucose and glucose...
76  cards
Epithelial cells tumors are commo...,
What degree of cellularity do epi...,
Mesenchymal cell tumors produce _...
33  cards
What portion of the electromagnet...,
X rays occur when a projectile __...,
The x ray tube contains a negativ...
20  cards
Small Animal Nutrition
____ is made up of 20 21 amino acids,
Excess protein will be burned for...,
Before excess protein can be used...
17  cards
Breeding, Gestation and Neonatal Care
True or false the length of the f...,
A female cat is called a ______ a...,
Toms reach sexual maturity at ___...
14  cards
Lab Animal Medicine
Which species has 2 pairs of uppe...,
Which species practices copraphag...,
Which species is unable to synthe...
19  cards
Exotic Animal Medicine
Male ferrets are called ____ and ...,
The ferrets musky body odor and y...,
Why must blood be drawn right aft...
21  cards
The relationship between a drugs ...,
What is ld50 ed50,
Antibiotics work via one of 5 mec...
56  cards
A mixture of substances made by d...,
What is the formula to calculate ...,
Given a 45 solution and sterile d...
5  cards
________ and acepromazine will pr...,
Why should acepromazine never be ...,
What is the most profound adverse...
22  cards
Pain Management
What is the fourth vital sign alo...,
What posture do dogs in pain typi...,
How can you tell a dog is in pain...
12  cards
Surgical Principles
______ intestinal forceps are sim...,
Which type of scissor is used to ...,
Which is the most delicate towel ...
7  cards
Small Animal Nursing
Normal fluid loss occurs in 3 ways,
Abnormal fluid loss can occur in ...,
Normal urine production is ______...
52  cards
Equine Nursing/Surgery
Normal pulse,
2 main arteries for assessing bp ...,
When assessing the mm and crt the...
21  cards
Large Animal Nursing, Surgery and Anesthesia
What is the best technique for im...,
Hypocalcemic parturient paresis i...,
Nutritional myodegeneration white...
10  cards
Emergency Medicine
What is the abcd of triage,
A nonstable patient should receiv...,
An emergent patient should receiv...
19  cards
The outermost layer of the tooth ...,
What does the enamel do,
The thickest layer of the tooth b...
20  cards

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