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According to the inverse square l...,
Which veins can be used for venou...,
Which skin scraping technique sho...
213  cards
CleverOrca Analgesia Module
What effect does untreated pain h...,
How is analgesia achieved,
What is the visual analogue scale...
65  cards
Cleverorca Pharmacology Module
Which drug is used to treat aceta...,
What does sucralfate do,
What does omeprazole do
3  cards
Vet Tech Prep
What is the maximum volume that c...,
What organism is verminous arteri...,
Which parasite can infect a human...
428  cards
section 1
89  cards
Section 5
60  cards
Surgical nursing
Section 6
64  cards
Section 7
20  cards
Section 8: Laboratory procedures
59  cards
Animal nursing
Section 9
26  cards
Diagnostic imaging
Section 10
19  cards
Emergency and critical care
Which of the following is the saf...,
Which of the following methods fo...,
Which of the following is not a c...
5  cards
Section 11
46  cards
In ferrets the heart is best ausc...,
Ferrets with vestibular signs dem...,
Which of the following is a micro...
29  cards
random practice test
Which of the following is the mos...,
Which class of drugs is not a goo...,
Patient presents with dry and ret...
13  cards
AAVSB practice test #1
What is the dental formula for an...,
To perform myelography how is the...,
Flaccid paralysis in dogs can be ...
26  cards
AAVSB practice test #2
The probing of which tooth would ...,
When given im to a canine the dur...,
What is the minimum dietary calci...
31  cards
Clinpath formulas
Mcv formula,
Mchc formula,
Mch formula
7  cards

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