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Types of intraoral radiology,
Film or sensor holding or retenti...,
What does a periapical radiograph...
51  cards
Geometry of Image Formation
Desired characteristics of radiog...,
Magnification controlled by these...,
A short pid is __ inches or less
66  cards
Image Shift Principles
When source moves up down in va s...,
When source moves up down in va s...,
In horizontal angle shift when x ...
21  cards
Brightness and Contrast
An object less effective in absor...,
In radiolucency more x rays reach...,
In radiopacity less x rays reach ...
22  cards
Nature of Digital Radiography
Radiograph with no film based on ...,
Analog image no numerical values ...,
Direct systems
49  cards
Most image processing is ______,
Image enhancement includes,
Enhancements are not _____ what m...
20  cards
Nature of Atomic Radiations
START of exam 2 material
57  cards
Radiation Physics
For this lecture know structure a...,
Part that surrounds the other par...,
Cathode ____ electrons and has a ...
54  cards
Characteristics of X-rays
Two mechanisms of x ray production,
What is bremsstrahlung x ray prod...,
What is characteristic radiation
66  cards
Panoramic Radiography
In panoramic radiographs the sens...,
In panoramic radiographs the x ra...,
_______ are unique to panoramics
51  cards
Radiation Protection
Every living organism is exposed ...,
Natural radiation exposure arises...,
Amount of radiation per year back...
65  cards
Guidelines for Prescribing Radiographs
Ada guidelines are intended to be...,
______ for asymptomatic patients ...,
Guidelines stay that you should n...
20  cards
State and University Regulations
Which subpart controls prevents h...,
What subpart applies to all perso...,
Subpart 2 excludes _____
15  cards
Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation (V. 1)
Dose to air as radiation comes ou...,
Dose to tissues as radiation ente...,
A measure of the ionization produ...
77  cards
Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation (V. 2)
Two types of biological effects o...,
Somatic effects includes all irra...,
Somatic effects are __ and may be
54  cards

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